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    Stephen R. Fletcher

    Radio Times is offering the option for people to choose which TV programme in the list of 10 classic British and Irish shows they want to see appear in the new Captain America Film.


    One of the oddest polls I’ve seen and rather surprisingly, Red Dwarf isn’t in the list but Father Ted is – it’s currently third in the poll and hey, I can’t think of a bigger headfuck than seeing Father Ted in a Marvel film.


    Captain BBC America


    I’m surprised Sherlock is ahead of Who.

    Which show should feature in Captain America: The Winter Soldier?
    Sherlock 39.42%
    Doctor Who 34.58%
    Father Ted 14.37%
    Fawlty Towers 4.33%
    Downton Abbey 3.62%
    Mrs Brown’s Boys 1.61%
    The X Factor 0.72%
    Coronation Street 0.57%
    Big Brother 0.48%
    The Only Way Is Essex 0%

    Nick R

    “Appear in” seems a bit misleading. From the sound of it, it’ll be more like “the title will briefly be shown written on-screen, somewhere towards the edge of a brief insert shot of a diary page”.

    As I posted elsewhere: between this poll, Iron Man 3’s “Toast of Croydon”, and Thor 2’s ITV News clips and Tube jokes, it’s nice to see all this newfound Anglophilia from Marvel Studios.

    (And it should really be Downton Abbey, if only to provide continuity with Iron Man 3, which made it canon within the MCU! So then the Avengers sequel can have Steve Rogers and Happy Hogan bonding as fans of the programme…)


    I hope Jonathan Ross redubs Black Widow.


    Vote coronation street and then captain America will be in the same universe as back to earth.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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