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    I can’t remember if this ultra-specific point has ever been addressed before, so here goes.

    In ‘The Inquisitor’, Kryten’s line “we have to go!” (to Lister, as they escape from the Inquisitor after the judgement sequence) sounds exactly like his overdubbed “we have to go!” in ‘Back To Reality’ as they flee the Esperanto.

    I know that the Esperanto sequence was cut down a bit to help fit the episode to length, so did they just bung Kryten’s dialogue from the earlier episode over the top to paper over the cracks and add a bit of urgency?

    Apologies if this has come up before and I missed it.



    Seems like it. The deleted scene it replaces has Kryten panicking and jabbering on while the others run on ahead and he eventually follows, so there’s not really room for him to decisively announce “we have to go!” in there as filmed.

    I’ve seen Inquisitor many more times than BTR due to patchy Byte ownership, so noticed that lifted dialogue at some point but don’t think of it the other way around.



    The sudden edit in BTR always felt a bit clunky to me because of the way the pace suddenly changes, but it was only when I rewatched Inquisitor last night that I realised the dialogue was recycled rather than specially recorded for the episode.


    Pete Part Three

    It always jars with me, but only because it felt like the dialogue was simply repeated in the other episode. If it is, in actual fact, the same sound clip dubbed in, that would explain it (and I wouldn’t be too surprised).



    Stephen Abootman

    From the series V DVD booklet:

    “”We have to go!”
    Kryten’s recorded line in The Inquisitor is actually re-used in the final edit of Back to Reality as the crew flee the Esperanto, replacing a longer section of Kryten dialogue.”

    The original line of course being, “we have to go and purchase a Kembrook pressure cooker, sir”


    Pete Part Three

    Well, you can prove anything with facts.



    Ah, that confirms it then. Thanks.



    did Rob and Doug know what Lolita was, or did it just occur to them as a generic name for an erotic novel?



    I guess the latter. I listened to the Lolita audiobook a few years ago and don’t think there are any actual sex scenes described, certainly nothing graphic, so I think “that bit”/”that’s disgusting [yum yum, I’ll save it for later]” is just treating it as a generic dirty book and not really caring about authenticity. The alternative is too unpleasant to consider.

    When I was watching Timeslides with a girlfriend at uni in 2004, she was not impressed by Rimmer’s “teenage temptresses” line.

    You could say Red Dwarf III is “a bit dodgy.”

    My question: are they wearing flayed, dead GELF skins in Beyond a Joke? What else could those be?


    Ben Saunders

    This is Rimmer we’re talking about here. Series III Rimmer. Being “a bit dodgy” is in character. Teenage temptresses can be 18 or 19, anyway.



    “are they wearing flayed, dead GELF skins in Beyond a Joke? What else could those be?”

    In over 20 years I’ve never considered this…. makes sense I suppose.

    They could’ve thrown in a line “let’s use that costume-synth gizmo we picked up back on the SS…”



    >“are they wearing flayed, dead GELF skins in Beyond a Joke? What else could those be?”

    I always thought it was implied they were just costumes Kochanski had made, given that when they’re putting them on she has a sewing machine next to her. However they look far too realistic, and much like the mirror universe machine in Only The Good, there kind of needs to be some explanation as to where exactly they came from



    Maybe they just have an assortment of weird shit lying around for any scenario imaginable, given that in Emohawk they also just inexplicably happen to have Duane Dibbley’s exact outfit from a hallucination they once had.


    Plastic Percy

    My head canon has always been that Duane’s costume in Emohawk is from Rimmer’s belongings. The sort of casual clothes his mum would buy him.


    By Jove its holmes

    If actual girls/women don’t like the teenage temptresses line, that should carry more weight than a guy thinking it’s OK, surely?

    It’s objectifying at the least.


    Taiwan Tony

    Rimmer and Lister are men and are thus bound by nature to have male thoughts. Also, some men are absolute bounders! I therefore don’t have a problem with it, in spite of it being a bit gross.
    For the same reason I’m okay with Rik Mayall in Bottom gawping at a breastfeeding woman, or Rik Mayall in Blackadder being a sex pest.
    But then I’m not a woman.



    It’s the same argument as Rimmer’s line about wheelchair users in Cured, isn’t it? You’re meant to think he’s being an arsehole.


    Ben Saunders

    Aye, the idea that people on the telly aren’t allowed to be bad people or think bad thoughts and all have to be paragons of moral virtue, or that somehow a character’s morals have to be a reflection of its writer’s is totally barmy to me. And an instance like that isn’t making fun of the disabled, is deriving humour from a person who holds such an attitude


    Paul Muller

    I think it’s generally fine as long as the writing makes clear that the joke is on them, and doesn’t condone it. For much of Red Dwarf, this is the case, with a few jarring exceptions.

    This is one of my main problems with Series VIII – a lot of it feels like we’re supposed to relate to the incredibly dodgy sexual politics on a sort of ‘blokey’ level, like “Come on lads, given the chance, who wouldn’t drug a woman to make them sexually suggestible or surreptitously film them in the shower, or try and coerce them into sex via emotional blackmail…”

    It’s weird though, as the show has always had a large female audience. I suppose it’s just very much a product of the shitty pervasive lad culture of the time.



    Although obviously people are allowed to be offended by something if it makes them uncomfortable, I think of all the stuff relating to objectifying women in Red Dwarf, the line in Timeslides about the “teenage temptresses” is incredibly tame. Like, it’s nothing compared to Lister doing an assault on Kochanski in VII, Lister doing an assualt on Kochanski in VIII, Rimmer’s transphobia in Dear Dave, Lister’s misogyny in Dear Dave, the casual asphyxiation of a woman in Entangled, that dodgy as fuck line in M-Corp about women talking too much etc.



    that dodgy as fuck line in M-Corp about women talking too much etc.

    I very much hope that is just a case of ignorance on Doug’s part. The claim of women talking 20,000 words a day verse men 7,000 was based on a very poorly done study that was then widely publicised.

    Shame on Doug for not checking the validity of it before using it, and it is certainly there to make a joke about women talking too much, I just hope it wasn’t as intentionally malicious as it seems.


    Taiwan Tony

    Cartoon violence like kicking Irene out the airlock is fine with me. It was a “comedy” moment.

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