Who would you have as the next guest star in Red Dwarf?

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    I would say Tim Rowett from Grand Illusions. How about you?



    Hattie Hayridge.



    “Have” in the Low Rimmer sense?



    Olivia Colman.


    International Debris

    Honestly, someone I’ve never heard of. Red Dwarf was my introduction to Don Warrington and Jenny Agutter, so they were fine, but for all the joy of their performances, seeing Kevin Eldon and Johnny Vegas in Red Dwarf sort of brought me out of the reality of it a little.



    I also think Michael Rosen would make a good star, alongside Wilford Brimley.






    or dave benson phillips



    > seeing Kevin Eldon and Johnny Vegas in Red Dwarf sort of brought me out of the reality of it a little.

    Yeah I felt this. Would prefer guest stars to just be random people for the most part, or at least not so famous they could/do star in their own shows.

    The show should be about the comedy, the characters and the story (not always necessarily in that order), having other famous people in every episode playing a character anyone else could have played is just … I dunno, wrong.


    Pete Part Three

    Bobby Moore, I don’t bloody know.




    The London Jets Juniors!

    The Service Droids!

    My Mother!


    Ian Symes

    G&T Admin

    Dave Benson Phillips.



    Patrick Stewart and his lawyer.



    I still think it’s a crime Hugh Laurie was never a guest villain on Red Dwarf.



    I’m backing Dave Benson Phillips here. I interviewed him a few months back – lovely guy and fucking hilarious.

    Oh – and Angus Deayton.



    Keith Chegw…




    i suggested it as a joke but actually Dave Benson Phillips would probably be quite good on red dwarf, wouldn’t he?

    plus i think he hosts Dimension Jump sometimes so he’s already sort of connected with the show



    I’d like someone known for being sort of a more serious actor, not someone that’s a household name or anything, but someone with a bit of gravitas. Denis Lill straight menace.

    Maybe try and get a proper big name too.

    I watched too much of a terrible film on Netflix last night that Duncan Jones directed, called Mute. Awful. But it had Paul Rudd in it. Seems like he’ll do most things. Ask him while he’s filming a Marvel film at Pinewood.



    They could get Hattie in playing someone else if she actually feels like she’s aged out of the part. There was an episode of Enterprise where Brent Spiner played a character called Arik Soong who was a descendant of Noonian Soong who created Data, whether you think that was good or not I don’t know, but serves the point that she’s a perfectly capable actor and can do other roles. Also given she’s Holly they might finally do a female character that doesn’t die for no reason or get perved on for 28 minutes.



    She dies, from old age, a (Brent) spinster.



    Adrian Edmondson, who I mistakenly guessed was in XI/XII due to the Episode VIII/lots of SW guests in Dwarf audience axis.

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