I originally published this article, or a version of it, on my own weblog, The Holoship Enlightenment, and I was asked to expand on it for publication at the (sodding) esteemed (fucking cunting) website, Ganymede and Titan. And, like any fortunate performer asked to play the Big Time, I said yes, or more accurately “**squeee** […]

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He is only guilty of being Arnold J. Rimmer?

OK, so tell me – can anyone point towards any line of dialogue in Justice that indicates continuity has changed to Rimmer not being responsible for the death of the Dwarf crew? It’s often says that it does, but I can’t see a single shred of evidence for it.

All I can see is Kryten getting him out of it by lying. A feat, I would point out, that Kryten makes a point of now being able to do earlier in the episode…

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Without Him Life Would Be Much Grimmer

My favourite character is Lister, without a doubt, because I think there’s something very reassuring in the concept that the very last surviving human will be this scuzzy space bum who, you know, who’s powered by beer and curry, and Lister looks like something the cat wouldn’t drag in… (Garry Bushell, The Red Dwarf A-Z) […]

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