It’s difficult to put into words quite how fantastic this actually is. Ever since the start of the Red Dwarf DVD releases, we – and loads of other fans – have been asking… well, where the fuck he was, frankly. When V and VI were released, we all thought we’d missed our chance. And here he is – talking about the genesis of the series. It’s more than I could have ever hoped for. Jesus, if anyone is wondering whether they still want this release, then here’s your answer.

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Rehamstered Announced!

Wow. We’ve had the odd hint on the Webboard over the past few months, but now it’s official – Red Dwarf Remastered has been announced for DVD release as a four disc boxset, with a Region 2 release aiming for October 2007. And as we’re moving from VHS to DVD, I suppose we’d better start calling it by its official name and lose the dash, and the capitalisation when not referring to it as a title. The logo said Re-mastered though, honest…

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