Kryten's Gingham Dress. Any self-respecting Dwarf fan would cover it in semen.Ah, the usual kind of rubbish round-up article. I was all set to do a Prop Store one; but on checking the site, there’s only one new thing (that hasn’t been sold, anyway) – Kryten’s Gingham Dress from Quarantine (production photo here). At £895, what self-respecting fan wouldn’t buy it?

Fansite stuff. Back In The Red has news of a film version of Tony Hawks’ Round Ireland With a Fridge; and they’ve also got a new comment and trackback system that isn’t based on G&T’s at all. The White Hole has updated with a couple more Red Dwarf and Me articles: Pete Martin and John Aitkin give their views on Dwarf. Why haven’t I got round to doing mine yet? Because I’m a lazy cunt, obviously. Oh, and on the off-chance you want to read about Brummomeet, Ian has a report in his blog, and Matt has some some piccies. I didn’t go; I was too busy looking after the sick and needy. And shagging, obviously. As I’m quite cool.

On merchandise news, The Stamp Centre is offering the IV DVD signed by Robert Llewellyn for £19.99. This goes alongside their established offer of the first three DVDs signed by Craig for £59.85. It would obviously be very mean of me to say that I think Craig’s autograph would actually decrease the value of the DVDs by 50% after his recent comments, so I’ll go for 25%.

Meanwhile, keep an eye on G&T on April 4th. I’m saying nothin’, man. Don’t want to spoil the surprise. (A SITE REDESIGN.) I’m taking Friday 2nd off work, and expect to be up 72 hours in a row. You’ve got to suffer for your art – and that’s what we’re making here, art…

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