On the 2nd August we lost our friend Seb Patrick. Please allow us a period of radio silence as we come to terms with what's happened. Goodbye, Seb, we'll miss you.

We're raising funds in his memory to help his family in any way we can. If you're able to spare anything, it would be greatly appreciated.

3 comments on “Getting to the Bottom of Chloe Annett

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  • My work firewall objects to that link on the grounds of nudity, sadly. My ex was a foot fetishist: he particularly liked my long toes. And what the hell is up with your umlaut e’s?

  • I don’t know how to make umlaut e’s! So I googled her name without it, and did a simple copy and paste when one came up. Are they screwed up? I see one is missing, but the other is there.

    That’s alright. It makes it look like I know her. I call her Chlo. She calls me stallion.

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