And do you know why we can’t hear any news? Because there is no news to hear….

Well, to be fair, there’s a bit more news to hear since I wrote that strap line, as TOS managed to squeeze out its update a full 12 hours late. Honestly, the shit we have to put up with… Anyway, as the title suggests, I shall now roundly up you:

  • Tighter than an Italian waiter’s keks: It seems GNP’s first act of the up-coming 20th anniversary is a sweeping round of price cuts on its range of Dwarf DVDs. So, now’s clearly the time to stop being a dithering fucking idiot and buy the whole set. I assume these new prices will materialise on Monday, as at the time of writing everything seems as normal on Play and Amazon.
  • It’s MySpace, I’m going to eat it no matter what: Official Dwarf clips have now been added to BBC Worldwide’s MySpace page. Not a great deal more to say, other than they seem to be the same as the ones we’ve seen published on YouTube. There’s been a noticeable marketing push coming from 2|entertain/BBC/GNP since the last of the DVDs were released, so using the marketing opportunities offered by free networking services could prove very effective indeed. Surely the figures gathered from these sorts of pages could be useful for any movie funding bid, as it shows popularity across the world. You can but hope, anyway
  • Mobisodes are shit: – In a similar vein, the Mobisodes have received quite a push on TOS this week, with a big guide on how to part with your money for the ‘goods’. Despite the immense disappointment of Red Christmas, I’m still going to tolerate the existence of this stuff in the hope that something on a much bigger and better scale can follow in the future. Hopefully with new animators.
  • CRACK! LOTS AND LOTS OF CRACK THAT CRAIG CHARLES SMOKED: Details on Craig Charles’ new autobiography – the magnificently punned On The Rocks – have emerged including the cover (which should be staring you in the face right now.) It’s a shame that the more public crack based exploits are going to inevitably dominate most of the book, but here’s hoping we get a good chunk of it devoted to stuff like Dwarf, since it’s what actually got him all famous and into the whole mess in the first place. So far, only Robert Llewellyn has really given any solid autobiographical accounts of his time on the show and I want MORE, dammit. A bit like crack, you could say.

And that’s not all!

  • New Downloads, Everyone! There are three new continuity clips for the original airings of episodes Duct Soup, Blue and Beyond a Joke, an ad for the Six of the Best boxset taken from the end of Epideme and the New Zealand advert brought to our attention in the forums a while back. They’re all on the linked page if you have a scout around. Obviously, if anyone can offer any new or higher quality clips then do get in touch so we can thieve them.

That’s all.

To finish, a quote from Andrew Ellard freshly plucked from the Forums:

I’ve been busy with… other NEW AND INTERESTING THINGS.

What a prick tease.

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  • Late the update may have been, but to be fair you’re reporting on news from a week ago as well as today. :-)

    I suspect Craig’s book won’t cover the Dwarf period, it being based on his rehab journal. But if it’s a success, no doubt the publishers would be keen for a follow up.

  • > Late the update may have been, but to be fair you?re reporting on news from a week ago as well as today. :-)

    Heh, it’s a fair cop!

    > I suspect Craig?s book won?t cover the Dwarf period, it being based on his rehab journal. But if it?s a success, no doubt the publishers would be keen for a follow up.

    Yeah, and that’s fair enough I guess. A book with a large section about Dwarf just isn’t what people would be interested in at the moment, but it’s easy to imagine people wanting something along the lines of what No Irish, No Niggers would’ve covered. Looking forward to reading it, anyway.

  • I seem to recall that Red Dwarf would come to DVD one day!

    ‘Sign-o-the-times’ perhaps, but the lateness of the update wasn’t even mentioned on the webboard, did anyone notice I wonder!

  • If I’m honest, there’s a million and one things I could write about in Dwarf-land if I had the time that I’d rather do than sort out the bloody wiki. I lost interest very quickly – I hate writing in wiki-style.

    But that’s just a personal opinion, and I guess we should get it back up at some point – if only for the people who bothered to contribute it.

  • > Looks more like he?s having a one cheek sneak

    I had heard that the book revolved around exposing his crack.

  • To make up for On the Rocks never seeing the light of day, Craig is the famous person who’ll be revisiting his former homes and talking about his life in next week’s Celebrity Home Secrets, 8pm on Monday on ITV. You never know, he might even show the cameras where he used to hide the crack.

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