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Sorry for the downtime, which lasted from around 11pm last night until 11:45am this morning (with a brief respite for a bit earlier on). Short version is that I set the bandwidth limits for the site wrongly on the new server; we have an 80Gb limit, but the site was wrongly set to 20Gb. Bad news is that that the site has massively increased in popularity recently, for some reason or other (probably the extensive swearing) – which means that before the middle of the month, the issue will show itself for real, if we don’t do anything.

Don’t worry – we have PLANS which will avoid this. So sit back, relax, because we, my friends, are going… nowhere.


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  • Good to see you back online.

    Can all the new fans that only like Dwarf again because it’s new and on telly again, please all go and bandwidth some other site instead.

    How about this one

    Only joking! It’s great to see G&T increasing in popularity and very deservedly so.

  • Welcome back online, sirs. And a Spaced reference always makes everything okay again – so thanks Mr John :)

  • It’s nice to see that in our absence the Red Dwarf Forum picked up the slack and talked about the masses of EXCITING NEWS from yesterday.

    … oh.

  • I read G & T’s cache’d front page on google instead while you were down, and looked at the official site which I hadnt really visited much recently.

  • Me and about 2 other people ran confused and distressed onto The Friends of Ganymede & Titan group on Facebook :o)

  • My cat of 15 years has just died. I don’t know what I was more upset about last night, that or not being able to make an inane comment on here.

  • > read that as your ?car of 15 years? first. Sorry.

    Oops, I actually meant ‘car’. Editing…

    No, seriously it was my, or rather my family’s, ginger cat, Jasper. Considering I’ve had him since I was 10 it IS pretty upsetting, moreso than what I thought it would be. Obviously I haven’t lived at home for a few years but he’s always felt like my cat. From when he was lying on my bed, walking across the keyboard or smashing CDs off my desk. Oh well…

    Thankyou indeed for your sympathy.

  • Yeah, that’s shit, monkey. Try stroking something else to make you feel better. I mean your penis.

  • That is tragic. That is so tragic. Performingmonkey is 25. I assumed he was about seven.

  • Depends how you define achievement, Si.
    Few people achieve their dreams. Life’s all about compromises and, unfortunately, making sacrifices.

  • In the words of that great wordsmith Seasick Steve, “I started off with nothing, and I’ve still got most of it left.”

  • > In the words of that great wordsmith Seasick Steve, ?I started off with nothing, and I?ve still got most of it left.?

    Just be thankful you’re not performingmonkey’s dead cat.

  • > Performingmonkey is 25

    26, which is shit. I reckon 25 is such an ideal age for anyone to be. Now I’ll forever be the ‘wrong side of 25’, always trying to recapture my youth in the pathetic way that people do. Bastard.

  • I’m 27 and to be honest far happier than I was in my late teens and early 20s. For what it’s worth.

  • >I?m 35 and I have Kate Lawler?s old mobile number. So I win.

    I’m 29 and I know Myleene Klass’s current mobile number. Ner!

  • I’m 34 (just last month actually) and I know no famous people or have their contact details.

    My granddad claimed to be the cousin of a certain radio personage… but it’s nobody to boast about. Really isn’t.

  • I’m 40 + tax. 40 is the new 30 (at least that’s what I keep telling myself). Stop yer whining, already.

  • If it’s not a personal question, (and please excuse all the people who may see it on a PUBLIC forum) but, how old are you?

  • I’ll be 33 in June. If anyone needs gift ideas, I’d like an HD TV, The Wire DVD boxset and some kind of life.

  • > I?m 40 + tax. 40 is the new 30

    >> Damn, I?m glad you said that. Or I will be next month.

    And I will be this month… reassuring to know I’m not the only non-whipper-snapper ’round these parts.

  • According to the Times you have the life you always wanted since you were 12 Andrew, and as you say at least 4 years of it back it seems then.

  • >I?d like an HD TV, The Wire DVD boxset and some kind of life.

    Tell you what, you can have a life if I can have your job.

  • >My cat of 15 years has just died

    We haven’t seen our cat all day, and we’re getting a real bad feeling. We’ve only had him a year, and our previous cat, Ozzy, went missing just the same way, and we found that he’d been run over about a week later. And before that we had two cats from the same litter, one white, one with a beautiful fluffy tabby coat. The white one – Lucky – got knocked down, while the tabby, Rocky, got really dehydrated and ill, and we had to have him put down. It was a sunday afternoon, and the saddest day ever.

    Come home Nibbler!

  • > I?m 35 and I have Kate Lawler?s old mobile number. So I win.

    I’m 22 and have David Cameron’s mobile number. So yes, you do.

  • Yes, he’s small and black and will eat anything, so there was only one possible name to give him.

  • Give it a nappy and a red cape, and the image will be complete.

    oh, and the voice of Frank Welker…

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