The Last Novels

The Red Dwarf novels are some of the finest TV to book adaptations in existence. In fact, no, I’ll go as far to say they are the best TV to book adaptations *ever*. Some people even hold the opinion that they’re superior to their TV based cousin… Me? Well, I think it’s impossible to compare, […]

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Xtended Revisited: Tikka To Ride

It seems odd, given our ludicrous obession with the minuate of obscure production details, that we haven’t really covered the Xtended episodes. Maybe the ghost of Ian turning into a gibbering wreck after dissecting one episode of Remastered hung over the whole idea.

Let’s fix this, shall we? And let’s start at the very beginning – with Tikka To Ride Xtended.

A word about the format of this article – each excised section is transcribed, with Xtended material presented like this. There then follows any technical notes on the sequence, and finally my opinion as to how well the additional material works.

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Infax Wet Dreams – Part Two

I left you LITERALLY on tenterhooks last article, promising that there would be more interesting stuff to come. So, what other search terms can we plug into Infax? The most obvious would be Rob Grant and Doug Naylor themselves; and once you’ve finished having a cheap laugh at the fact that they wrote for The […]

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Now You See It…

UPDATED! See the comments for further info! Anyone heard of the rumour that the TARDIS appears in Red Dwarf? Yes? No? Maybe? Want to know if it’s true? Read on… There was a little known rumour that a Mike Tucker hid a little scale model of Doctor Who‘s TARDIS into one of the Starbug hangar […]

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Infax Wet Dreams – Part One

Infax, or the BBC Programme Catalogue, is a wonderful thing. Originally the BBC’s internal documentation for its programmes, last year it was opened up, shut down, and then opened up again, to us filthy outsiders. And it can bring up all kinds of interesting things – for instance, did you know that the first two series […]

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