DwarfCast 77 – Dear Dave Commentary

Rejoice as we finally reach everyone’s favourite episode of Series X, Dear Dave. Your intrepid team – Tanya Jones, Danny Stephenson, Ian Symes and TORDFC’s Jo Sharples – tackle such topics as the nature of the JMC on-board computer, the best burial place for a shit episode, Alphonse Areola, and a potential spin-off series for Asso: Spanish Detective. Oh, and sexism. Let’s see if this shitty little (mostly) boys’ club can sort out that thorny problem once and for all.

But before all that, a round-up of the latest Red Dwarf XI news, and all the details you need to get your hands of one of five pairs of tickets to Dave’s exclusive fan screening of the first two episodes. Yes, you have to listen to the actual DwarfCast in order to get the instructions, but don’t worry, it’s quite near the start.

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You Have Been Watching… Part 2

Dig very, very deep into your memories and you might recall a little article called You Have Been Watching… Part 1, which was published a staggering 35 months ago. But never fear because now, finally, I have returnethed with part 2, covering every last guest character from the final three episodes of Red Dwarf Eggs (Entangled, Dear Dave and The Beginning). There are a lot of the bastards, so strap in and prepare for some hastily researched biographies and overwrought opinions on the fine people that helped make his series the lovably flawed beast that it is.

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High & Low: Series X Scenes

It was exactly two years ago today that Red Dwarf X burst onto our screens, heralding a brand new era of regular new series, sensible production schedules, and crystal clear communication with the fans as to the show’s future. In a change to your scheduled programming, High & Low looks back on the very best and very worst Series X Scenes. By sheer coincidence, all six episodes have at least one representative in the top ten, although the same even spread does not apply for the bottom five, with one episode taking up 60% of those spaces. What episode could that possibly be? Bearing the usual “only this writer’s opinion, not that of G&T as a whole” caveat in mind, read on to find out…

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DwarfCast 45 – Series X Semi Retrospective Byte Two

Team G&T has once again assembled in order to talk at length about Series X, in Byte Two of our semi-retrospective. Join Ian, John, Tanya, Danny and Cappsy as we talk the living shit out of Entangled, Dear Dave, The Beginning, Model Shots and what Doug Naylor should be doing with his career, all in our own inimitable ‘based-on-watching-show armchair production physiology’ style.

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Red Dwarf X: Dear Dave Review

Dear Dave,

Remember me? I’m Hayley, your plot device. I know you’ve never mentioned me before, despite Red Dwarf being on its tenth series, but I still expect you to care that I might be pregnant by you, despite the fact that both I and the baby died 3 million years ago, and that your oddly casual reaction concludes in you just as casually calling me a slag once you realise that you’re not the father after all.

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DwarfCast 40 – Dear Dave: Instant Reaction

It’s the 40th Dwarfcast, and the fifth of our live Series X Instant Reaction chinwags, lovingly made not-live and downloadable, with improved sound quality, but no improvement in any other branch of quality. This week, we’re talking about Dear Dave, and in keeping with the episode itself, we flit all over the place, cramming in as many topics as possible, without any satisfying conclusion. But excitingly, the entire G&T team are present for the first time this series – that’s Jonathan Capps, John Hoare, Tanya Jones, Danny Stephenson and Ian Symes – along with regular pod chum Jo Sharples of TORDFC and non-Dwarf fan, but interested observer, Julian Hazeldine. Controversial opening music from the live version not included, sadly.

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Let’s Talk About Dear Dave

It’s the bottle episode of the bottle series. Only half of it was shot in front of the audience, presumably because the bloody thing wasn’t written yet. Even those who were at the recording have very little concept of what they’re going to see on their telly tonight – Dave, 9:00pm, obviously. Please use this thread to deposit all your thoughts on the episode; we might well read some out on tonight’s LIVE Instant Reaction Dwarfcast. We have a full compliment of G&Ters, all gathered in one place, for the first and only time this series. The show starts at 10:00pm, and we’ll be posting the link here and on Twitter soon after Dear Dave finishes at 9:40pm.

While you’re counting down the minutes to Dwarf time, why not reacquaint yourself with Kris Carter’s non-spoilery set report? And don’t go talking to any other Red Dwarf fansites. I heard what happened between you and Gazpacho Soup…