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    Most major scenes in the first couple series take place on a few different levels of the ship – up to four-hundred-plus floors apart! Why, then, does it suddenly become such a shockingly long voyage to get to the lowest levels in Stasis Leak?


    International Debris

    Different levels could be in different parts of the ship. The Stasis Leak could be right at the back of the ship, while they spend most of their time at the front. Or vice versa.

    I’ve always wanted to know what the hell is actually filling the ship. It’s so absurdly big, what else is going on in there?



    Rimmer was in charge of renumbering the ship and
    Was only half way through when the accident happened rendering
    It pointless to look at which numbers are where, also unbeknown to him
    Lister had moved some numbers around on his plan for a laugh,



    I’ve always wanted to know what the hell is actually filling the ship. It’s so absurdly big, what else is going on in there?

    Probably some kind of top-secret prison filled with hardened criminals.



    Probably some kind of top-secret prison filled with hardened criminals

    On a mining ship? That’s just stupid.



    Yeah, you’re right. Sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking.


    Dollar Pound

    this reminds me of the discussion about who does the mining. it’s all full of rocks. maybe the lift is going horizontally – has it actually been established which way the artificial gravity is orientated on ship? okay yes, bte part 1. but maybe it goes different ways, multidirectional gravity.


    Dollar Pound

    about the mining – there should be an episode where for some tenuous reason they have to do some mining but no-one knows anything about it. and their lives depend on it. and they do some mining in the end because their lives depend on it, ironically, what with them being on a mining ship all this time. and when they go to do the actual mining they wear cloches on there heads with lights on


    Dollar Pound

    the ship is full of farts from titan. or one big fart i guess


    Plastic Percy

    I was always under the impression that since the ship contained geologists and scientists, that the Red Dwarf crew would themselves be doing the mining or were transporting miners and their equipment to Triton.

    They do manage to confuse themselves by using various naming structures for the ship’s levels – there’s the stuff like Level/Nivelo 592, then we get mentions of the penthouse suite on A-Deck and the science labs on Z-Deck, then finally the prison is on Floor 13.


    International Debris

    And of course the Floor 13 button is secretly hidden away behind a very obvious shutter, so nobody ever suspected a thing.


    Dollar Pound

    bazookoids are mining lasers. people are doing the mining but we never come across them in the entire red dwarf oeuvre. it would be funny if they lampshaded that in the show


    Adam Bailey

    The opening shot of Lister hanging on the side of the ship (actually hanging in a harness) while painting the hull would also suggest that the gravity is aligned with how we see Red Dwarf on screen. Presumably the artificial gravity “leaks” a little outside the hull.


    Dollar Pound

    also you can’t show it erect on the tv. only in the dj xix logo


    Nick R

    I want to know what the Nivelo numbers are for the Diesel Decks.



    Well, I think it’s meant to be full of the cargo bay, which according to BtE is about half a mile high and the length and width of the ship, a level entirely full of water, a vertical and dangerously badly designed prison (which presumably intersects everything), and a city in the middle for all the families of the miners that are never shown, didn’t the first two series suggest that was the case? Curry houses, huge botanical gardens, nightclubs and shopping centres, and all the plebs who actually run the ship are bunked up in little grey cells shitting in front of each other.

    It’s certainly an odd one. Don’t think about it too hard, it doesn’t make any sense.


    Plastic Percy

    Interesting bit of trivia, I think it’s an interview in one of the Smegazines, but Grant Naylor’s original idea was that Red Dwarf would have been owened by a French company and so they intended to have all the signs and labels written in French – Niveau 592 for example.

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