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    That would be about right as the Dave shows end at the end of October then time to add all the goodies on the disc.

    I hope there will be interactive menus, a swappable cover to match the others and possibly commentaries. As well as Making Ofs and Smeg ups etc. We’ve been so spoilt before



    35 quid for the steelbook?




    That’ll be the RRP. It’ll go down in price closer to release.



    The DVD also shows temporary artwork which is just basically the promo shot with “The Entire Eleventh Series” added at the bottom. I know it is likely to change but might give us an idea of what it’ll look like.


    International Debris

    If there’s no Doug commentary I’m not buying it*.

    *I am still buying it.


    Pete Tranter’s Sister

    If we get documentaries anything near the level of ‘We’re Smegged’, it’s gonna be a fucking winner.



    Really weird to see that logo on a DVD. The last time a sans-serif Dwarf logo appeared on a home video release was Smeg Outs…


    International Debris

    If it has a reversible sleeve, I will forever be uncomfortable having to choose between one that lines up with 1-8/10, and one with a good font on the cover.



    I hope the cover is reversible and it matches the others, the spine logo is finished so the IX, X and XI (and presumably XII) covers will just be different colour continuations of what’s on the VIII/X spines with no extra logo to fit on, unless a small one is panned of RD itself or Starbug but I doubt it. I even hope the logo is the new/old version if it does appear on any reversible cover.



    The Model Unit confirmed tonight they have been interviewed for the DVD.



    That temp DVD artwork still looks way better than the real one for Series X.



    Sorry for the double post, but the edit button doesn’t fucking do anything.

    Interesting, the American DVD is listed as being released November 8th. That’d be awesome, but there’s no way in hell.




    Something tells me that may not be the final design…



    All these steelbooks will look horrible in ten years’ time. I only have about three or four and that’s probably three or four too many.


    Pete Tranter’s Sister

    My unofficial blu-ray cover.

    Full-sized link



    Well I hope it is because that’s spot on. Just the logo. Job done.


    Pete Tranter’s Sister

    It works!

    The BBC era DVD covers are too cluttered. Not that I’m bashing them, I love them but they need simplified.




    Did the X Blu have a reversible cover like the DVD?


    Pete Tranter’s Sister



    Ben Paddon

    Doesn’t make sense to have put the reversible cover on the BD release, considering they wouldn’t line up with the classic DVDs anyway.



    We have actual cover plus list of special features:



    Distinct lack of “Cast and Director Commentaries” on that list of special features.



    Unless they’re hidden outside the picture, but they’d have to fit in to a similar amount of space as ‘Chris Bar’ which is a bit of a stretch.



    Noticed that although there’s a ‘Behind The Scenes’ feature, there’s no full documentary listed. Though I see that this is the R1 cover, so we might get a bit more on R2 release?



    Why is Danny redacted?



    Part of a joke about Danny not being on the fan made cover.



    Noticed that although there’s a ‘Behind The Scenes’ feature, there’s no full documentary listed.

    Well, ‘behind the scenes’ could just be a way of aiming the documentary at the casual viewer.

    Also, I’ve just noticed that the back cover has a previously unseen spoiler about Krysis…



    That’s a region 1 cover from what I see at the bottom.



    What’s the unknown spoiler for Krysis? I can’t see anything there that wasn’t already officially released by UKTV…



    Reversible cover. No commentary. Solution.



    <replyquote>What’s the unknown spoiler for Krysis? I can’t see anything there that wasn’t already officially released by UKTV…</replyquote>

    I’m pretty sure we hadn’t seen “leaving the Dwarfers for a younger crew” before.


    Chris Stokes

    The commentary solution may well be podcasts, right?

    Pemberton and Shearsmith did the same thing for Inside No 9.



    “I’m pretty sure we hadn’t seen “leaving the Dwarfers for a younger crew” before.”

    I’ve certainly read that description before. The version from the Dave website reads –

    “Kryten has a mid-life crisis and changes his body cover from Mech grey to Ferrari red. The posse try and show him how much he’s achieved in life by taking him to visit a mechanoid from his old fleet.”

    But I have definitely read the “Kryten has a mid-life crisis and considers leaving Red Dwarf for a younger crew” synopsis before.


    Ian Symes

    G&T Admin

    It was in the overall series synopsis, as opposed to the individual episode synopses.


    International Debris

    Commentary podcasts would be good, as long as they include Doug commentaries. The cast ones are entertaining enough for a single listen, but Doug’s director’s commentary was my favourite thing about the whole of BTE.



    Aha, and also it was Samsara that wasn’t included in the overall series synopsis. Wonder why they left it out?



    It’s quite a difficult story to summarise without spoiling the entire plot, I suppose.



    New cover mockup, with a very odd spine different to the Region 1 dummy Doug tweeted.



    Very busy, that spine, isn’t it?



    The GNP logo (and like the XI endcaps, now the *wrong* GNP logo!) is almost the same size as the the RD logo. That can’t be right. It’s not particularly clear what it’s a release of!

    Quite like the big fat “XI” though.



    Rated 15? Probably to change I would think. Or it’ll be the first 15 certificated RD release since the Series 3 Byte something or other VHS.



    Series 3 Byte 1, Smeg Ups, Smeg Outs, and Just The Smegs were all 15.


    International Debris

    The placing of the logo matches the X spine, obviously, which makes sense to me.



    Not counting Smeg Ups/Outs you pedant! ;)



    Can’t wait to see the reversible cover! I wonder if it will be blue like the science room?


    International Debris

    It’s got to be blue. The whole series is blue so far.



    I reckon it’ll be a shot of the science room from up in the corner, looking towards the bed. Basically the shot from Samsara when Kryten says he’ll remote the pod into the landing bay.

    Would make sense to have an animated menu there too, plenty of stuff to click on and screens and shiz.



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