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    For your Sunday afternoon entertainment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDTV8QBbRjk


    Ben Saunders

    Is it any good? I watched episode one of Prince of Thieves with Chris Barrie and wanted to die by the tenth minute


    Pete Part Three

    Are you sure it wasn’t Maid Marian and her Merry Men with Danny John Jules?


    Ben Saunders

    No, it was Chris Barrie doing an incredibly poor Scouse accent despite clearly being able to do a pretty convincing Scouse accent.



    A PRINCE AMONG MEN! That was so atrocious on so many levels.



    I still have every episode of both Prince Among Men and Captain Butler on VHS. The tapes are in the bottom of a box in the boxroom and haven’t been watched in a while, but they are there.



    Gah, missed it. It’s gone now. Shame. Michelle Gomez, sounded interesting.



    Gone? I watched it this afternoon and it still seems there to me. Maybe it’s just cached my end or something.

    Anyway, it was … interesting I guess. At first it was odd watching Gomez as she seemed to have pretty much the same performance as when in Dr Who. I don’t actually know her from anything else. Likewise I only know Natalie Casey from the 2 pints of lager thing, and again it was the same performance. Margolyes was great as normal.

    There were plenty of laughs, but it seems a pretty delicate subject to base a sitcom around. Even made me cry nearer the end, although pretty much everything can make me cry. I’d guess it never went any further as there was too high a risk of causing upset.


    Pete Part Three

    #He’s a winner, he’s a star, he’s a prince. A Prince of Thieves.#



    Well, I am on my phone, so it could have something to do with that I suppose. But it won’t play in browser or on YouTube app.


    Ben Saunders

    Works fine on my PC, viewing for the first time RIGHT NOW.


    Taiwan Tony

    >#He’s a winner, he’s a star, he’s a prince. A Prince of Thieves.#




    “Because, unlike some other princes among men, I can speak with a convincing Scouse accent.”


    Toxteth O-Grady

    Having heard his ‘Lister voice’ both in the shows, on the audiobooks, and on the DVD commentary, I would argue that Chris Barrie *cannot* do a convincing scouse accent. At least not to the ears of people familiar with scouse accents.
    Don’t get me wrong; he’s an excellent mimic, and truly talented at doing voices. But while he can sort of ‘echo’ Craig very well (Queeg), the accent doesn’t sound remotely genuine.

    He’s still better at it than Robert Carlyle in ‘The 51st State’, though.



    Did anyone else actually watch or have an opinion about the actual topics of this thread.



    Urgh, I actually need to proof-read my actual posts when the actual edit button doesn’t actually work.


    Ben Saunders

    He’s better at it than Craig Charles is these days.


    Toxteth O-Grady

    Yeah, I realised immediately after I made that post that I should’ve also added “Mind you, Craig Charles can’t do a convincing scouse accent anymore either”.

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