What is it with Kryten's 'hands on chest' pose?

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    Slightly odd question, but I have noticed Kryten (played by Robert Llewellyn) has frequently had this ‘hands on chest’ pose in recent episodes (including in the newly released Series 12 episode earlier today).

    Not sure why this is, but perhaps it could be the fact that the Kryten costume looks slightly… larger, these days. Wonder if Robert is perhaps slightly paranoid about his extra girth?



    Why did you combine three separate people’s opinions into one though?


    Taiwan Tony

    Your slightly odd question is barely even a question.
    Is Robert paranoid about his weight gain?
    Possibly. Or perhaps he’s found a character trait/tick that doesn’t involve attaching things to his knob.
    Other than Red Dwarf, what do you like, Jawscvmcdia?
    Are you okay?



    Hey, no offense intended, and I know almost everyone gains weight as they get older (and Robert’s done remarkably well in that regard to keep it off) but I just keep noticing it every time he does the same pose.



    Kryten’s always got his hands on his chest ‘cus them’s some mighty fine nipple nuts demandin’ attention.


    Ben Saunders

    (played by Robert Llewellyn)


    International Debris

    What’s particularly striking is that, in recent episodes, Kryten (played by David Ross) doesn’t do that.



    It’s probably to get the crazy large hands into shot at any given moment. They are pretty funny. :D


    Plastic Percy

    I always took it to be an anxious/nervous tic Kryten had.



    It’s just a convenient place to rest your hands. The suit itself looks like it’s got bulkier more recently and considering he can’t stick his hands in his pockets, and the bulk of the arms/chest means it’s awkward to hold your hands together at waist level, resting them on top of the chest is the next most comfortable position.



    Incidentally, does anyone know who Kryten is played by? It’s been bugging me for years.



    Kryten was played by third choice John Sparkes after original actor David Ross was unavailable and top auditionee, satirical mime artist Robert Llewellyn was not free for the Manchester filming.



    Incedentally, David Ross went on to play Kryten’s parallel universe counterpart Crouton in Series IV’s “Cloche: Parallel Universe II”



    “Cloche: Parallel Universe II”

    Why did you combine three episodes into one though?



    >Why did you combine three episodes into one though?

    you’re getting mixed up, it was Back In The Red Xtended that combined three episodes into one



    And the Back To Earth Director’s Cut.



    And ‘Cured.’


    International Debris

    And Pete Parts I, II + III on the DVD.



    And Can of Worms.

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