Which do you prefer, Clare Grogan or Chloë Annett and why?

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    So, which one do you prefer? Clare Grogan or Chloë Annett, and why? Which one is the best?

    Feel free to discuss this important question.



    Clare plays the Kochanski that Lister would actually fancy

    Chloe plays the Kochanski that would be a navigation officer.

    Maybe they are both two sides of the same personality and we only see them come out in certain situations … but I honestly can’t see Lister actually falling for the sort of Kochanski we see in Series VII … maybe VIII but there’s very little character to see of her in those episodes unless a “ooooh a woman” joke needs to be made.



    You know before clicking on them which are Alex’s threads, don’t you.



    Dona DiStefano. Great hat.



    Why did you combine three separate people’s opinions into one though?


    Pete Part Three

    >Feel free to discuss this important question.

    Nah, you’re alright.


    Ben Saunders

    Chloe, because she can act.

    Differences in personality/Lister compatibility can be handwaved away by parallel universe shenanagins.

    Also, I knew who’s thread this would be before I opened it.



    suzanne rhatigan


    International Debris

    Clare Grogan will always be my Kochanski.







    Grogan is cuter and exists purely as the fantasy perfect woman.

    For some bizarre reason that appeals to me.



    Chloes kochanski in Series 7 does seen abit like someone Lister wouldn’t be attracted too but if they took away all of those traits then she probably wouldn’t have be funny.


    Taiwan Tony

    I didn’t find either funny. I didn’t think either could act particularly well (perhaps because the part was one-dimensional?) But I prefer Crogan’s Kochanski. Because she featured in it less. Because she was a plot device/maguffin, and not a prominent character.
    Perhaps because I like the first two series the best.
    Perhaps because I am sexist?
    Perhaps because I am evil??!!

    Oh no! I’m the devil because I like Clare Grogan’s acting…!



    I never actually read any of the books. Do they have Kochanski in them?

    It’s always seemed odd to me that Lister would ever date series VII Kochanski, or why he continues to wist away after her.



    Spit on the wist?



    Kochanski is in 3 of the novels

    First 2 she is that fantasy perfect woman that Lister lost

    The 3rd novel (Last Human) by Doug Naylor she is Listers GF and a part of the crew like in Series 7


    Ben Saunders

    You what they say, love is blind to the fact that your object of affection is now a completely different person from a parallel dimension who isn’t even in to you


    Ben Saunders

    You KNOW what they say, god dammit.

    Why is this site so picky over whether it will let you edit/reply? Half the time it works just fine and half the time you just can’t do it



    It’s not picky really, just broken. You can always edit comments on main articles fine, you can never edit comments on the forum. Hence the ‘half the time’ thing.



    Which do you prefer, editing comments on the forum or on main articles?

    Feel free to discuss this important question.


    Ben Saunders

    Oh, that makes sense Lily.

    I mean it’s stupid, but it makes sense.

    Why is it like this? Do we have a team of boffins working tirelessly around the clock to sort it out or should we just deal with it?



    Ben Saunders, you know what they say!




    you know what they say!

    Is it “Why did you combine three separate people’s opinions into one though?”



    I fancy Clare Grogan, but despite finding Chloe Annett a bit unsympathetic and cold she’s the best Kochanski.

    But why did I combine three, etc.

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