The Fresh Prince of BELL END

Can anyone tell I’m going through old VHSes at the moment? Anyway, from an episode of Fresh Prince, made in 1992:

NURSE: Do you have any medical experience?
HILARY: Well, not exactly. But I’ve seen every single episode of St. Elsewhere.

Seriously, I’m not actually suggesting they nicked a Dwarf joke. But I am amused that it’s pretty much word-for-word identical…

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He is only guilty of being Arnold J. Rimmer?

OK, so tell me – can anyone point towards any line of dialogue in Justice that indicates continuity has changed to Rimmer not being responsible for the death of the Dwarf crew? It’s often says that it does, but I can’t see a single shred of evidence for it.

All I can see is Kryten getting him out of it by lying. A feat, I would point out, that Kryten makes a point of now being able to do earlier in the episode…

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Justice: or, Crime and Punishment

Crime is a prevalent theme in much fiction – and it’s certainly is no stranger to science fiction. One of the more famous examples of crime SF is Philip K. Dick’s 1956 story “The Minority Report,” which Steven Spielberg recently made into a Major Motion Picture that Completely Missed the Point. Great examples of SF […]

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Series IV DVD Review Addendum

Leaseholder Addendum. Do not despair. The Region 2 DVD is on its way. In fact, it’s here, and hurrah for that! This little footnote is a spin-off from the full review, which was published a couple of weeks back. While that review got its teeth into the actual content of the discs, this one concentrates […]

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Series IV DVD Review

Fucking Americans, eh? Going to war for no apparant reason is one thing, but them getting their cotton-pickin’ hands on a Red Dwarf DVD before us Brits is unforgivable. Fortunately, here at G&T, we don’t let regional coding get in our way… So, this is what’s happening. This review will deal only with the actual […]

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Series IV DVD Preview: Byte One

Well, here we are – another completely uneducated guess at the upcoming Series IV DVD, padded out with completely irrelevant asides to camera. Mind you, I’m sure you’re all intelligent enough to distinguish between facts taken from a combination of the DVD Details articles and entries on the BBFC, and my OPINION ON STUFF I […]

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