Big Fat Ron Atkinson gets (quite rightly) pilloried for his comments about Chinese women – namely that he can’t understand why China has that big a population when they have the best contraception in the world (ugly women). Sure, you may snigger, but let’s face it, in this day and age you just can’t make that sort of comment in public any more.

So why did Grant and Naylor never get bollocked for making pretty much the same sort of joke (that is, casting aspersions on the attractiveness of an entire nation’s females) in Psirens? I’m referring, of course, to :

RIMMER : Come on, Listy, it’s as plain as a Bulgarian pinup

Not that I want to come across all Daily Mail and suggest that the Dwarf line was morally outrageous and shouldn’t have been allowed… it just seems a bit strange to me that certain things get picked out, and certain things ignored.

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