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    Why do people, Red Dwarf fans in particular, hate Series VIII? We’ve all heard the stories about how it scored BBC 2’s highest viewing figures upon broadcast (8 million), yet Red Dwarf fans rank the series consistently at the bottom of the scale. It has some great jokes, wonderful production design and some ambitious story lines (Pete, anybody?).


    Funny thing about that 8 million figure, it includes the repeat as that was common for BARB them days.

    The series hovered around a very strong 6-7 million viewers for the next 5 episodes. Pete Part Two didn’t have a repeat and so had a base figure of around 4.5 million which we can assume most of the series had and extrapolate a rough 2 million figure for the Sunday repeat. That probably puts the actual first airing for Back in the Red Part 1 at 6 million viewers.

    What is more interesting is that repeats of the Series 2 (in Remastered form) that aired in the lead up to Series VIII all achieved well over 3 million viewers. I think what we can take from this is that Red Dwarf was massive at the time and you can’t take the viewing figures as an indication of the quality of Series VIII because people tuned in consistently to a Remastered version of Series 2.

    The way Red Dwarf was rating then is like what Mrs Brown’s Boys is doing now in terms of nearly doing as well in repeats as it does new episodes (taking into consideration that Dwarf aired on BBC Two instead of BBC One).

    I do like Series VIII myself.


    Pete Part Two did have a repeat, but over a week later after Only The Good had already transmitted. Its Sunday repeat was cancelled for snooker, but they caught up the week after with repeats of the last two shows. It was really messy, and completely insane.


    Well according to wiki

    back in the red 1 – 8,050,000
    back in the red 2 – 7,580,000
    back in the red 3 – 6,920,000
    Casandra – 5,950,000
    Krytie Tv – 6,760,000
    Pete 1 – 6,320,000
    Pete 2 – 4,520,000
    Only the Good – 4,240,000


    I remember alot of love for Series 8 around 1999 to early 2000s but i gather it didn’t stand the test of time for alot of people.

    The back of the script book has quotes from good reviews for Series 8.


    I actually don’t hate VIII.

    I *liked* VIII a lot before getting involved with online…erm…discussions? Fandom? Not really sure how to finish that sentence, so let’s just say “before going online.”

    Now I can agree–wholeheartedly–that just about every concern that’s ever been leveled at VIII is valid. In many, many ways, it’s crap. Period. (Have a fantastic one.)

    …but I *like* some crap. There are plenty of songs, books, TV episodes, and films that I *know* are awful, but I enjoy them anyway. For whatever reason. Not even necessarily in a “so bad it’s good” sort of way. I just get caught up in something that I know in my heart of hearts is actually pretty lousy, and I’m okay with that. I can switch of my critical capacities and just enjoy it.

    So VIII…I’m okay with it. I won’t defend it, I wouldn’t try to change anyone’s opinion on it, and I don’t even think it has any kind of merit, but I don’t hate it.

    My hatred is reserved for VII, which I genuinely feel is worse in every way. (Has some great moments for sure, but damn…I hate VII.)



    Pete Part Three

    Jawscvmcdia, I’m increasingly convinced that you’re here just to open threads with questions that incite negativity, while you walk away whistling.

    Could you at least come up with some new material?

    Red Dwarf VIII?


    It was painfully unfunny, visually unappealing sets and lighting, the the story lines were rubbish and undid the entire premise of the show. Beyond that it never even feels like it take place in the same universe as the first 7 series, it was hardly recognisable as the same show. Also the acting was the most pantomimey of the shows run and the character were flanderized to the point that they were cartoon characters. A lot of people liked series 8 at the time but I always hated it.


    Because it’s fucking shite. Next.


    I don’t hate series VIII, I pity it. I consider it the hapless victim of its evil elder twin series VII.

    It just stands there with a silly grin on its face, drool running down its chin. But its not evil. Its even got some funny bits in it, here and there.

    Series VII ruined Red Dwarf. Nothing was the same after this. Tikka to Ride is the most boring episode of Dwarf ever made. Its the one show guaranteed to have me nodding off before the end. Pride and Prejudice Land? An essential part of a Red Dwarf watch through?

    I can’t believe there’s anyone who doesn’t think Duct Soup is the worst episode ever; not just of Red Dwarf but of anything.*

    VII deleted Rimmer and replaced him with the fake head-transplant Kochanski monster. At best it robbed us of 10 seasons of proper RD. All for the dream of a movie version nobody wanted. I hate VII. I hates it forever!

    Neither series will ever have a place on my DVD shelf, though I did watch them both for the silver survey.

    Well, VIII.

    Well, Cassandra.


    * A case has been put forward for an episode of Coronation Street from 1984, but that surely didn’t break people’s souls like Duct Soup.


    I can’t believe there’s anyone who doesn’t think Duct Soup is the worst episode ever; not just of Red Dwarf but of anything.

    I really dislike series VII, but honestly don’t mind Duct Soup. I think Beyond A Joke is worse. I always feel guilty about saying that because it’s Bobby’s episode, and he’s the nicest person ever.


    I think Duct Soup suffers so badly from the Kryten jealousy shit, that the rest of the episode can’t really recover. As with the rest of VII, I think it would make more sense if it was set on Red Dwarf rather than Starbug (I hate the enlarged Starbug nonsense so, so much), but the ducts idea is good and it allows for some good character stuff and dialogue, as well as some unfortunate homophobia.
    I definitely prefer it to Beyond a Joke and pretty much all of VIII, however. For all its many, many faults, it’s still an episode with a strong plot that works as a story and generally makes sense.


    VII has a real heart and I have great affection for it.

    Big meanies.


    I think it’s important to note what sorts of trouble the bunch easily get into when others are around, it’s not just when they’re bored and have been alone for fifteen years.
    Otherwise, VIII serves little to say anything about anything in the rest of the show.


    I do prefer series 7 to series 8 but that isn’t saying much.


    I like the X-Tended version of Back In The Red and Cassandra, but trying to choose a favourite episode from the latter half is like asking who my favourite member Al Qaida is.


    There’s no Xtended Cassandra?


    A fully unextended VIII would be great. Someone did a project trying to get the whole series down to an hour, which I thought was admirable but didn’t quite work. I think it could just about be condensed into 90 minutes though.

    It’d still be shit, mind.


    I do wish they could do a The End Original Assembly for Back in the Red and Pete. Use as much of the original material as possible (and if possible use none of the reshoots) to create the originally intended 60 minute and 30 minute version respectively.


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