Don't worry, I won't dare do this again. But, having spent some time digging around on, I've found some very interesting stuff in the Multimedia section:

  • BBC Prime S4 ad - A nicely done piece, actually. (For those of you who haven't heard of it - BBC Prime is the BBC's worldwide entertainment channel.)
  • BBC Prime S6-8 Ad - I can see some people finding this one annoying, but I love it. Very cleverly done, and it actually shows a knowledge of the development of the series.
  • Holoship, dubbed - the first elevator scene from Holoship, dubbed into what I presume is Czechlovakian. Fun, although it's a pity it's all done with one male voice. A female Czech Nirvana Crane would probably do things to my willy, I suspect.
  • Munchkin Song, dubbed - THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD EVER.

Hmmm. Three hours until work. I should really be in bed rather than doing things like this, shouldn't I?

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I expect I'll get into trouble for that one. Anyway, just a quick note that the Boskovice Festival in Czech Republic, as well as featuring haiku readings, poetry recitals, and musings on the inner soul, is also holding non-stop screenings of Teh Dward. It starts today and ends on the 18th, so plenty of time to pop over if you live anywhere near. I'd pop along myself if I had the money.

And if I wasn't in danger of being lynched.

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Çerveny trpaslík's logo. Nice.Usenet, eh? What a wonderful place it is. You discover things you never thought you needed to know. Such as most of Red Dwarf in Czechoslovakian, for instance. It's especially interesting comparing the episode titles; wouldn't it be lovely to see the actual episodes? Despite the fact I disliked the Japanese ep on the Series 1 DVD. I'm such a contrary cunt.

Of course, it's not just all that. The site, Cerveny trpaslík, also has some other interesting things; most of which makes precisely no sense whatsoever to non-Czech-speaking/reading people. Not that it matters. I'm sure we can all empathise with this. Excuse me, I've just come over all... well, the desk, actually. You can also impress everyone by reciting these, and read Czech versions of most of the songs in Dwarf; my favourite being the translation of Om.


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