G&T Needs YOU

Right. There is absolutely no way that us lowly G&T writers will be able to keep up with the masses of press coverage that Back To Earth will be getting today, tomorrow and over the weekend. Luckily, that’s not an issue – our beautiful and brilliant community (that’s you lot) are keeping us all up-to-date via the forum. Therefore, this post is just a wee set of links for all the great stuff you’re posting, but that we don’t have time to cover in full.

Keep up the good work, guys, and click “read more” for all the links.

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R(ed)aD(warf)io Times

Dwarf may not’ve got a Radio Times cover (Liam Neeson and Jimmy ‘Can I call you baaaack?’ Nesbit saw to THAT particular hope) but the newest issue, released today, does feature a banner on the cover and a three page spread on Back to Earth.

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Cool for Cat

The Radio Times has conducted a nicely distracting but ultimately worthless poll to find out just who is the coolest man on television (because, you know, women can never be cool). As you can see the answer is that Who is the coolest person on television, so no surprises there. However, our very own The Cat has managed to gatecrash the whole shebang at number 5. Now, that’s cool with a capital COO. Or something.

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