(because it occurs prior to the Eccleston series, you see)

'Look at this, Doug! I've got the Brig's email address, I've got his home phone number. What's this? BN45 7ED. I've got his smegging postcode!' Oswald could barely contain his excitement. He was waving the business card like it was a winning lottery ticket.

From this, which is, by the way, utterly brilliant. And yes, the character who's saying "smegging" is a complete nerd and conspiracy theorist. And yes, the fact that he's saying "smegging" is probably a way of emphasising the fact that he's a complete nerd. But still.

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So. How much did Dr Who steal from Red Dwarf this week? Of course, it may not have been stolen, but as a Red Dwarf fan, I can only hope it was :)

Updated again!Firstly - A main character called Cassandra. Which as Seb Patrick has kindly pointed out, was the Last Human. A bit less fat than our Last Human though.

Rose: They're just so alien.
Doctor: Who?
Rose: The aliens. You look at them, and they're alien.
Rimmer: Look, you're not thinking alien. That's what aliens are: alien. They do alien things. Things that are... alien.

Rose: She's dead now. Five billion years later, my mum's dead.
Rimmer: Well, what do you suggest, give up white bread? More roughage!?

And last of all, Mr Ian of Symes has rather excellently noted that the person who played the Steward was Simon Day, who played Number Two in Holoship.

Number TwoSome Blue Bloke
Number Two and The Steward of "Platform 1" (Not The Man on Platform 5)

And thanks to Adn in the comments for watching Series VIII intently enough to realise that Yasmin Bannerman played a tree. Without standing there with her arms stretched out rather sadly.
Hello, this is Ground ControlAnd now I'm a tree!
Ground Controller and a Tree

All images © BBC.

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