Right, bear with me folks. This is sad. This is really, really sad.

But I got bored at work.

On the webboard (I won't bother linking to it, links to there never seem to work when John posts 'em), there was a thread someone started about action figures - basically wondering what people thought about the idea of having a set of Red Dwarf ones.Obviously, as someone who loves action figures (I don't collect them, but I do buy the odd ones here and there of things I like to dot around my desk), I think Dwarf ones would be wonderful. And then I started thinking of all the figures that you could do - in a Family Guy/Simpsons style, you could do wave after wave of figures, with special versions of certain characters. Obviously, in Dwarf, there are so many alternate versions and whatnot that you could do plenty. There could be a massive array of figures to choose from, and it would be fantastic.

Of course, it would never happen. I just can't see the action figure market and Red Dwarf ever having a happy marriage. Maybe one or two figures coming out here and there, sure - but I just can't see Dwarf attracting the hardcore toy collectors that would be needed justify wave upon wave of figures. I'm not sure why, I just can't, as great as the bits and bobs of toys and merch we've had lately have been. Even so, though, it got me thinking. And I was a bit bored at work, so I started compiling a list of all the figures that could be made.

And then it got a bit out of hand, because then I started splitting them up into different "waves" of characters to come out bit by bit, and thinking about what accessories they'd have with them, and special variant versions of certain figures that could appear at conventions and the like. Here, then, is my fantasy Red Dwarf Action Figures product listing...

Wave One


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