New Server!

Just a note to apologise for yesterday’s downtime – although if I was in any way technically ept there wouldn’t have been any downtime – and to let you know that we’re now on our new server, with hosting kindly donated by Richard Goodwin of onepointnought. This should fix the problems we’ve been having recently with error messages when trying to comment – let us know if you still have problems. The wiki is down temporarily, but that should be sorted in the next couple of days.

Also coming in the next couple of days will be our Beat The Geek review. Two weeks late. We are, indeed, so good at websites.

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Apologies for the intermittent downtime at the moment, folks. Our hosts, Hosting Unlimited, are busy with a server migration. SELFISH BASTARDS.

Should be OK in a few days. If there’s problems beyond that, we’ll start looking for another host.

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G&T: The Same Generation. Again.

Erm, hello. Look what we did. Movable Type is so last year, darlings.

Yes, we’ve relaunched – a day later than planned, and ridiculously unfinished, but still – after many broken promises, we’re finally back and kicking bottom. So, now all the Observation Dome team are working on just one site, what’s new in the world of G&T?

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Hurrah Redux!

We’re really back!

Sorry about that. A long tale of woe and server trouble, coupled with me being tired, lazy and away for the weekend. But all sorted now. Additionally, all the ridiculous slowness we’ve been experiencing over the past few months has disappeared, as we’re now on a different server.

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