New registrations closed

Some of you may have noticed recent, ahem, ‘issues’ we’ve been having with the site. This is due to a frankly obscene amount of spam users creating new accounts every few minutes and clogging the shit out of the database.

As a result, we’ve now closed all new registrations until we roll out the upgraded site during the Christmas holidays. If there’s anyone out there who wants a new account then give me a bell via cappsy at gmail and I’ll sort you out good and propah.

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Insert Amusing Downtime Quote Here

Just a quick note to let you know that we’re changing servers tonight, as preparation for a BACKEND update next week – and also to prevent things like this happening IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING EPISODES BEING BROADCAST. So, comments will be switched off at 1am, and whilst you’ll still be able to view the site, you’ll have to wait until we’ve finished fucking about and the server change filters through to YOUR END before you can post again. Things should be back to normal by the morning.

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An in-depth At Speed about In Depth, at speed

We’re pleased to see that a massive influx of visitors has hit G&T recently, thanks to some news or other that may or may not have been going on (is the nonchalance schtick wearing off yet? Oh good). And indeed, over the last two-and-a-bit years since our major relaunch, we’ve seen the rebuilding of a strong and vibrant community around here, which is great. In that time, however, the focus has shifted somewhat onto community discussion and our ever popular news bits. I wonder, therefore, whether many of our current readers are aware of just how much in the way of longer articles and features actually exists here on G&T. I mean, there’s loads. Really loads. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly much of it there is.

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