#Happy Deathday to Meeeeeee…

Our fifth anniversary! Well, actually it was on April 4th. And that was only one of the relaunches of the site anyway, not its first incarnation – the launch date of which is long lost in the mists of time. (There are some numbers next to it… but they could be anything.) But we couldn’t bear to let this moment go completely, even though it’s WRONG and we’re LATE.

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A small tease…

Pop quiz, hotshots. Who said the following?

– “No-one really looks ahead and goes ‘If we plan now, we’ll have brilliant television in five years’ time.'”
– “You have all these little tribes working with different agendas, and all clashing with one-another because of it.”
– “Everyone’s buying iPhones and things, I think!”

The only way to find out… is to be right here, on G&T, tomorrow at midnight. Trust us when we say – you will not want to miss this one.

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And You Smell Like One Too

Well, while we wouldn’t necessarily self-indulgently do this for everyone, I think it’s only fair that we acknowledge the coming-of-age of this site’s original Smegmeister of a founder, and say Happy 21st Birthday, Ian Symes.

You big twat.

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Testing, Testing, One One One, Me Me Me

Yeah. So. G&T’s been down since Sunday. Sorry about that. Basically: I get free webspace from a friend of mine, and his server has gone down – for reasons which I don’t actually know yet, as he hasn’t got net access at the moment. So, until it gets fixed – which I hope will be this week, but I don’t know for sure – here’s a temporary G&T blog, which we’ll post the usual drivel on.

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