Chicken (Mc)Nugget

A thread about the Re-Mastered episodes over on the unlinkable forum has brought up an interesting debate. Which version of Series 2’s Kryten contains the edited out “Mc” from Chicken McNugget? Until today, this is how I always assumed it stood:

Original Broadcast: Edited
Video Release: Edited
Repeats: Edited
Re-Mastered: Un-edited
DVD: Edited (in line with their ‘as broadcast’ policy)

But there’s opinion on BTLpay that the repeated episodes did NOT have the line edited, which brings into question whether the original broadcast was edited, too! What does this do the DVDs’ ‘as broadcast’ status?

I’m sticking to my above opinion, but it would be interesting to find out THE TRUTH. Ok, so may not ‘interesting’, as such. I’m bored, ok? And quite possibly suffering from mild autism.

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Series II Deleted Scenes

While the scenes deleted from Series I were entertaining purely for the curiosity value, the ones from Series II are actually very funny. Most of them are funny enough to have fitted into the first series, and would have no trouble at all getting into Series VII or VIII…

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Promotion Prospects – Series II

The Series II promo was free when you bought the Daily Mirror on Wednesday April 30th 2003, over two and half months since the DVD itself was released. It was part of a week-long promotion, which involved the Mirror, Woolworths and the BBC, in which a promo of a classic show was given away each […]

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Don’t Leave Us Hanging

Cliffhangers have played an important role in Red Dwarf, from the first series through to the eighth. However, they’ve not always been executed very well. Here, we look back on all the cliffhangers, and their resolutions, over the years. 1. Lister’s exam results. (Balance of Power/Waiting for God) CLIFFHANGER:LISTER: How did I do, Mr. Lister, […]

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Red Dwarf DVD – Series 2 Review

As with Series I, Series II was eagerly anticipated and pre-ordered from Play as soon as it was listed. I’m not sure if this puts you on the top of the pile for despatch for what, but for the second time I received my DVD on the Saturday, a whole two days before the release date. Marvelous.

This suited me down to the ground as I was attending the official launch on the Monday so I was able to get some good watching in before hand.

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Series II DVD Review

For the second time in just over four months, I set my alarm from half seven to make the journey to my local Woolworths; a journey that is as much spiritual as it is physical. My palms were sweaty, knees weak, arms were heavy. There was vomit on my sweater already – mum’s spaghetti. I was nervous, but on the surface I looked calm and ready to, um, buy a DVD. Something which I did with some gusto.

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