Well, isn't that lovely? Earlier today, the above picture was posted to Instagram by one Dan Kay, a TV producer who worked on Series XI and/or XII (as evidenced by this excellent picture of a bunch of lads playing Goldeneye on the N64 in the Green Room). It's since been tweeted, on an account set up seemingly at the request of UKTV's press team. So I guess they want us to talk about it...

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Thanks to Thomas Evans in our forum, and Jeannette via email, for alerting us to this report in the ever brilliant Daily Express. It's all based on this interview from ScififantasyNetwork, where Danny confirms the live show idea that Doug floated at Dimension Jump last May. There's no new information here, but it's nice to know that it's still on the table. Personally, I find myself skeptical about the prospect of this idea ever getting off the ground, purely due to the logistics of finding a time where all four of them are available to tour the country, but where it would be a better idea to do this than film a new series. I don't think we're any closer to it happening just because Danny has mentioned it, but fingers crossed.

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Red Dwarf XI - Episode 4 - Set Report featured image

A full episode of Red Dwarf has been has been recorded in front of a studio audience that included a G&T writer, for the first time since 2012. Despite G&T being there, it was only on a standby ticket, so we'd already asked our excellent long-time friend Kris Carter to do the honours. Ian's brief thoughts are presented in a boxout, as are those of correspondent John Miller, but for now, over to you, Kris...

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There have been recent rumblings about an exciting Red Dwarf related competition taking place on Twitter tomorrow. But now, with this Facebook post, Dave have let slip about the prize…

Always dreamed of appearing in Red Dwarf? Now you can.

Head over to our Twitter page: https://twitter.com/Join_Dave tomorrow at 10am for a once in a lifetime competition!

That pretty much says it all, but in presumably related news, UKTV are hosting a press event on Tuesday morning, and a G&T representative will be there in case there’s anything Dwarfy to report. So keep an eye on our Twitter feed as well as theirs – we’ll bring you all the news if there is any. And if there isn’t, we’ll just tweet about how annoyed we are, so it’ll be entertaining either way.

Oh, Robert Llewellyn. You are a one man gun-jumping machine. Of course, we’re all of us – production and fans alike – 99% sure that an eleventh series will happen. Doug wants to do it, the cast wants to do it and UKTV want to do it – Doug said as much at Dimension Jump back in May. But it’s at this point that we feel the need to clarify that nothing has been made official yet. And as usual, it’s a leaky cast member that’s made us clarify this.

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