We all want Dwarf t-shirts. I'm still desperate for a London Jets one, and one day, I may go down to a t-shirt shop and make one for myself. I don't see anything wrong with that, because it's not making me any money, and I know that I'd buy an official one if such a thing existed.

But making money from Cafe Press by selling unofficial merch? Fuck off. Hell, if they were making the shirts themselves, they'd still be exploiting someone else's creativity, but at least they'd be putting some effort in. But this is making money off Dwarf's popularity by putting no effort in whatsoever. Just... no.

And if you're going to do it, at least (a) get the font vaguely correct, and (b) learn how to spell "chameleonic".

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Once again, a user on Youtube has shown us the way.

P.s. Stop bad mouthing series 8, it added a great new twist onto red dwarf ans allowed for the pete episodes and the back on red trilogy, how can you diss them? if you wana diss it just thing, how many other sitcoms had a better last line than "only the good die young" after Rimmer kicks death in the balls?

Well, that's told me. Ah, where would we be without them?

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Ganymede & Titan's continued testing of our new host's goodwill continues as we launch a brand new downloads section stocked to the gills with STUFF, along with the definite promise of more STUFF to come. That's right, look excited.

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