Drunk Featurette

When the Series I DVD was released all those weeks ago, nothing divided the fans opinions as much as the Drunk featurette. While some admired the slick editing and well-timed pace of the piece, others thought it did not reflect their idea of the humour in Red Dwarf. The idea that Red Dwarf is all […]

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Seriously Funny

Some of you may be interested to know that two Red Dwarf-related clips are used in Seriously Funny, the new compilation of clips from Comic Relief, which was released on DVD in time for Christmas. These are part of the Bohemian Rhapsody video from 1993, and the clip of Rimmer falling off his chair in […]

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Saturday, 2 November 2002

Apologies for the recent lack of updates. The dog ate my modem. Still, I’ve written two very nice articles, which can be selected from the menu on the left. A further article, a review of the Series I DVD will be uploaded in a specual update this Monday, 4th November at around 6:00pm. Don’t miss it. Oh, and thanks to Mick_AKA for the amusing Red Dwarf related picture that accompanies this message. Nice one Mick.

Future Extras

Ever since the DVDs were announced, hardly a day goes by without us speculating about what extras we’ll be seeing on future releases. This document is a collection of our thoughts and hopes so far, as well as an evaluation of whether we got what we wanted on the discs released since the article was […]

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As we eagerly await the release of the original series on DVD, we look back at the short-lived Remastered series and ask simply: why? With the seventh series of Red Dwarf complete and the number of episodes up to 44, the fact that they were so close to the magical 52 episode mark played heavy […]

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