It’s the bottle episode of the bottle series. Only half of it was shot in front of the audience, presumably because the bloody thing wasn’t written yet. Even those who were at the recording have very little concept of what they’re going to see on their telly tonight – Dave, 9:00pm, obviously. Please use this thread to deposit all your thoughts on the episode; we might well read some out on tonight’s LIVE Instant Reaction Dwarfcast. We have a full compliment of G&Ters, all gathered in one place, for the first and only time this series. The show starts at 10:00pm, and we’ll be posting the link here and on Twitter soon after Dear Dave finishes at 9:40pm.

While you’re counting down the minutes to Dwarf time, why not reacquaint yourself with Kris Carter’s non-spoilery set report? And don’t go talking to any other Red Dwarf fansites. I heard what happened between you and Gazpacho Soup…

Right everyone, it’s once again time to SIT THE FUCK DOWN and make the necessary preparations for another night of new Red Dwarf.  This week we’ll be watching, entranced, as Entangled makes it première on Dave or Dave HD (whatever’s your poison) at 9.00pm.  This episode is going to be a fun filled extravaganza, I’m sure you’ll agree.

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Jesus Christ, it’s new Red Dwarf night! Series X Episode 3, Lemons, premieres on Dave and Dave HD, tonight at 9:oopm. Please splatter this thread with your reactions and opinions. We’ll be selecting some choice ones to read out on tonight’s LIVE instant reaction Dwarfcast. The show will start at 10:00pm, and the link will appear right here, and on our Twitter page, just after the episode finishes on Dave. It’s well worth following us on there, just in case our server decides to fall over again.

While you’re waiting for Christ to appear, why not have another read of our set report from the audience recording night. And if that’s not enough, why not listen to the neckbearded tones of our very own Jonathan Capps, polluting the Red Dwarf Introcast’s analysis of Backwards? Do both of these things, then report back here immediately after Lemons. DO IT.

Week two of Red Dwarf X‘s assault on digital broadcasting. Please use this post as a repository for all your musings on deadly computers, trucknapping and bits of poppadom. We’ll be reading a selection of comments from this thread during tonight’s LIVE Dwarfcast, which will start at 10pm. We’ll be posting a link right here, and also on Twitter. This time last week, G&T was struggling to cope with the legions of Dwarf fans flooding the internet; hopefully, things won’t be so bad this week, but it’s worth following @ganymedetitan on Twitter, to make sure you get the link to the live Dwarfcast and have somewhere to aim your mad thoughts.

It’s well worth listening in, because we’ve got an exclusive interview with Rebecca Blackstone, who plays Pree in tonight’s episode. She’s very friendly, very excitable and very interesting, so make sure you join us tonight at 10pm to make that extra-special ‘new Red Dwarf‘ feeling last a little longer.

The first episode of the new series of Red Dwarf is being broadcast on British television tonight. It is 2012. Did you ever think this would happen?

Please use this post as the repository for all your Trojan-related comments, before during and after broadcast. Some of your comments may be read out during tonight’s live Dwarfcast, the link for which will appear here at 9:40pm, ready for the show to start at 10pm.

Brace yourself. We’re giving you ample bracing time.

It's the end of the specials as we know them. So this is your thread to post all your latest and greatest opinions during and immediately after the show. It's struck me that despite everything we've seen in the last two days, we still know very little about what to expect tonight. Regardless of your opinions so far, you can't help but to be fascinated at the prospect of what's ahead.

You can also use this thread to discuss the Making Of, which follows on directly after Part Three. Once again, we'll be using a selection of your comments in the accompanying podcast, which you can expect to hear a few hours after the episode finishes. Simple people, simple tastes...

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Two hours to go. TWO DAMN HOURS. We're starting this thread so that there's a place for you to discuss the episodes during and immediately after the episode airs. What's more, we'll be checking this thread during the podcast, so we can read out and respond to any choice comments. It'll be like a radio show, but not as good.

[Please note that if this baby hits 250 comments, you're gonna see some serious shit! Well, the comments will start paginating. A little bit annoying, but if we didn't put it in, the entire thread will explode.]

Good luck, everybody, here it comes!

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