Xtended Revisited: Tikka To Ride featured image

It seems odd, given our ludicrous obession with the minuate of obscure production details, that we haven't really covered the Xtended episodes. Maybe the ghost of Ian turning into a gibbering wreck after dissecting one episode of Remastered hung over the whole idea.

Let's fix this, shall we? And let's start at the very beginning - with Tikka To Ride Xtended.

A word about the format of this article - each excised section is transcribed, with Xtended material presented like this. There then follows any technical notes on the sequence, and finally my opinion as to how well the additional material works.

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Comment #11 on this page:

The extended versions for some of the shows should be on the same screen as the orignal format NOTE: The extended ones do not have any audience background as these were filmed when they left

"Thank you very much for coming, have a safe journey home. Right, guys, we'll do the entire show again, from the top, but with a few minutes of extra stuff."

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