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    The blacked up Dwayne Dibbley. I remember him. What a ….. We could have nicked his camera Jon on the Sunday and probably should have.


    There’s always a big cliffhanger when they film two shows or films back to back together. Think Back to the Future II and the like.


    I wasn’t at Dimension Jump that year Mark. I only saw the online reports mate.

    By Jove its holmes

    I think there’s a cafe in Dili, East Timor, poking fun at racist Westerners, that’s actually called the Herrow Mistah. This was reported a few years ago when Dili was teeming with fast talkers from the United Nations.

    Pete Part Three

    Lister and Kochanski go to a wedding but forget to bring a present. Rimmer eats some shit. And then something about bone marrow, I suppose.


    The Dwarfers all go to an art gallery and play ‘Smeg’ (very similar rules to ‘Bogies’).


    Fuzzy-felt episode.


    How about a ‘Predators’ style episode. The crew are kidnapped while sleeping and wake up on a planet/moon controlled by stimulants to use as a luxury hunting reserve, and obviously they must find a way to escape back to the dwarf before being killed. The best part is how the story can be adapted to include almost any past monsters of the show, whether it be gelfs/beggs in league with the stimulants, or polymorphs, wax droids and psirens could be their as fellow prey ( cant think how the curry monster could be realistically recreated here). It would work well as an anniversary episode. I thought itd be so cool if xenomorphs were in ‘Predators’, I think it was hinted, but would have detracted from the main focus, it could have been lightly modified to be AVP3, it could even have been that before 2 flopped.


    The Dwarfers time travel to the Titanic, have a lovely meal in the dining hall, and leave. Meanwhile, Taiwan Tony puts on a one-man show for the skutters.

    Yaron Ru

    Lister takes that library book back and receives his fine.


    They objectify then kill a woman.


    Krytie TV is revived, now hosted by Dara O’Briain

    Ben Paddon

    How about a ‘Predators’ style episode. The crew are kidnapped while sleeping and wake up on a planet/moon controlled by stimulants to use as a luxury hunting reserve

    Didn’t this basically happen in “Backwards”? (The novel, not the episode.)

    Taiwan Tony

    Phil have you been reading my comments on the latest set report?

    Red Dwarf XII – Episode 3 – Set Report

    I hate to say it but I was only speculating about it being about murdering women.

    Yaron Ru

    Lister shouts “SMEG!” after stepping in some discarded chewing gum.


    Twenty’s Plenty – The crew travel to an alternate dimension where all technology is gay and Kryten and Rimmer have to act camp in an overtly ’70s BBC sitcom-esque manner.


    Astonishingly, I believe there are three posts in this thread that genuinely predict real plots from XI and XII.


    Cat appears on Rolf Harris’ Animal Hospital TV show

    There’s a whole new angle they could go with this now. Doug is missing a trick if it doesn’t appear somewhere.


    What are the three posts?


    They are…

    – Doug Naylor receives a new leg which is hilariously racist

    – Rimmer goes mad and starts hitting Starbug with a branch

    – They all become Celebrities Disfigured


    I’m not saying which, as some of them are in XII.


    Series XI, Episode 6 “The Rebeginning” – Lister emerges from stasis to discover he and Kochanski are the only surviving members of the crew. Unfortunately, the Cat polymorph is still at large. Can a trip to Tijuana and a song-and-dance polymorphectomy by Krytens’s Mexican cousin save the day?

    Can we all take a moment to appreciate the amusingly accurate predictions I made in 2012?


    That is pretty much the plot from Can of Worms, right?


    Lister spends the episode acting as the voice of sanity.

    Rimmer lets his inner neuroses affect his decision making and interaction with the crew.

    Cat says something funny that later on eludes to his lack of intelligence.

    Kryten quotes a Space Corp directive and makes a face.

    Holly gets two, maybe three lines.



    And here is his idea that they all become Holly.

    Which I perfected a couple of years later. *cough*

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