Insult List

Here we go… a complete list of insults used in the 52 episodes of Red Dwarf. Many of these are highly inventive, original and amusing, whereas others are mere variations on the word ‘smeg’. Still, there are some interesting findings. The insults are listed alphabetically, and where there is more than one occurance of the insult being used, these are listed chronologically. Eventually, this document will include Red Dwarf Night, the Smeg Upstapes, deleted scenes, maybe even the cast commentary. Stay tuned.

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But it’s the middle of the night! G&T’s on downtime!

Yes, it’s true. We’re leaving you. We hate you all, so we’re shutting the site down. We are, however, re-opening it shortly afterwards. The site will be down from 21:00 on Thursday 4th September until 04:00 on Friday the 5th. And we expect you all to hang around until four o’clock in the morning, frantically hitting the refresh button, awaiting the return of your favourite site. What is more likely, however, is that you won’t even notice we’re gone. You set of bastards.

The reason for this downtime is simple: the fabled relaunch we’ve been promising for a while. Relax, gentlemen, you are quite safe…

Rob Grant’s Incompetence

No, I’m not talking about Dark Ages!!!!!1 This is Rob Grant’s latest novel, which is not due for release until December. However, under the cover of Darkness (I disguised myself by dressing as Justin Hawkins), I managed to break into Rob’s house, being careful not to disturb Doug’s snoozing, satisfied wife, and swipe a proof copy for myself. Okay, I bought it on eBay. It was much easier that way. Anyway, the upshot of all of these exploits is this: a preview. Rest assured, there are no major spoilers, so you are safe to dive in willy-nilly.

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Incompetence will be released in December 2003. However, G&T managed to get hold of an uncorrected proof copy, on which this preview is based. Hooray! But, don’t blame us if anything mention on this page changes for the final published version. You have been warned. Well, you’ve got to hand it to the man. After […]

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Expo-nentially more.

On the surface, this is good news. Chris Barrie is to appear at the London Expo on the 18th and 19th of October. This is yet another chance for the fans to chat to their rival, and get another piece of their merchandise signed. Marvellous. However, as Chief Winged News Monkey Tracy Brennan points out, the last we heardon the Movie was that it will start shooting in Australia in October. Admittedly, we didn’t get an exact date, but the 18th is a little too close for comfort. We hope to God that Chris will fly out pretty soon after his appearance at the Expo, but if not… well, it doesn’t bare thinking about. The consequences could be dreadful.

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This can be yours!

Yes, as every website under the sun (well, Big Blake and RDZ) has reported, the Starbug Playsets are now ready to pre-order! It’s at Galaxy 4 for a very reasonable £29.99. However, Galaxy 4 lose marks for the following: they won’t allow you to register with an e-mail address that ends in .info and they think that ‘Crighton’ is a Red Dwarfcharacter. But enough snideyness – the Playset is excellent. It looks to be a very nice piece of merchandise, and I can’t wait to see which sounds from the series will be used.

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Series IV DVD Cover Preview

The Red Dwarf Zone does it again – they’ve noticed that The Red Dwarf Shop UK now have the Red Dwarf IV DVD listed – with a preview of the cover art for Regions 2 and 4. RDZ have pointed out the interesting fact that it says “The Entire Fourth Series” rather than “Original” at the bottom of the cover, as there was no Re-mastering of the fourth series. They have also noticed that the logo appears in full colour, rather than silver as in the previous DVDs. There was plenty of speculation on the Official Webboard when it was announced that the Series IV cover would not revert back to Red Dwarflike Series I after all – one of the more popular suggestions was that it could be of Ace Rimmer’s ship, although this was refuted by Andrew Ellard on the webboard a while back. It’s impossible to tell whether the cover works or not from a small image – I absolutely love the idea, but I’m not sure it’s quite as clean and stylish as the previous covers; it looks slightly messy. But I’ll reserve judgement until I see a bigger version. The shop also indicated that a specific release date for the IV DVD has not yet been set; it’s still “sometime in February 2004”. Andrew Ellard has said on the Official Webboard that there will be a new DVD Details article on the III and IV covers next week.

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