Son of Cliché

“We present Son of Cliché, written by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor. Starring Christopher Barrie, Nick Maloney and Nick Wilton. Music by Peter Brewis. The series was produced by Alan Nixon.”

Yes, hail the launch of our brand new section, on Son of Cliché – a Rob and Doug Radio 4 sketch show, the first broadcast of which was 20 years ago to the day. Enjoy our in-depth sketch-by-sketch episode guide, and expect plenty more soon; including an article detailing jokes and ideas that were later recycled in Red Dwarf, trivia notes, transcripts, and loads more.

Another update tomorrow. Blimey, we’re doing well, recently…

Bwa-ha-ha: John’s Newsround!

John’s Newsround? Yes. Whilst Ian was fitting a DVD-ROM drive to his computer today, he, erm, managed to break something. Therefore, he’s not on the net, and it’s left to me to do this week’s newsround. I’d laugh my head off and spend ages slagging him off, but I’m on my backup computer at the moment as I broke my computer last week by poking out the reset button with a screwdriver. WE ARE COMPETENT, HONEST.

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More Movie Rumblings

A bit of movie news, from our esteemed winged-news-monkey-in-chief, Tracey Brennan. Today’s Daily Mail contains the following short item:

Will the Red Dwarf movie be as popular as the hit BBC series? Chris Barrie, aka pompous hologram Rimmer, believes so. He tells me: ‘All the cast from the TV series will be in it, but there will be a fresh storyline for people who aren’t aware of the programme. There’s no shortage of ideas, so I don’t see why there can’t be a series of films – though obviously it depends on how popular the first one is.’

Nothing we don’t already know, of course – but at this point, with no information coming from GNP and production apparently so close to starting, we’ll take anything we can get. It’s yet more confirmation that things are happening, which is good.

The only other bit of news tonight is about Back In The Red; it continues its run of updates. I also forgot to mention yesterday that The White Hole has promised that “something big is brewing”, but “that’s all I’m saying for now”. Cun… I mean, we look forward to it. Ian’s Newsround is tomorrow (which will also include a new addition to our sadly recently-neglected DVD section) – and remember, our new section is launching Saturday…

“…we’ve been armed. Laser etchings.”

Sorry to keep droning on about this, but what about – THE LASER ETCHED STARBUGS! Eddie, from The Stamp Centre kindly got in touch to inform us that the large one, as pictured, is now in stock. It costs £24.95, and it looks worth every penny. The illuminated keyring version, costing £7.95, still has licensing problems – it will be avaliable in about 6-8 weeks. Also, there will be a large Red Dwarf etched piece avaliable, hopefully at the end of the month – we’ll bring you news of that when it’s avaliable. Excellent – The Stamp Centre really does make some beautiful stuff. Our only problem with their range is the new model of Red Dwarf they use, but that happens, irritatingly, everywhere you go now.

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News, here. More Red Dwarf items are being added to The Prop Store of London. New items for sale since the article on the official site include: Cat’s costume from Meltdown, the book “How To Get More Girls By Hypnosis” from Parallel Universe, Rimmer’s swimming certificate as used in the bunkroom between Series III-V, the pop-up Karma Sutra from Me², an amazing item confusingly or amusingly (depending on your viewpoint) named Rimmer World, which is the actual model dome used at the start of Dimension Jump (and again in The Inquisitor), Bongo’s uniform, also from Dimension Jump, and Rimmer’s costume from Ouroboros. Mr Flibble’s interview with Stephen Laneof the Prop Store makes it clear there is plenty more to come, so keep checking back. Even if, like us, you have nowhere near enough money to buy anything, there’s still masses of trivia in the description of the items to keep you interested. And aroused.

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Ian’s Newsround – Some bits. Also: bobs.

Mucho activity on the fansites over the last couple of days, so we might as well start by detailing our own snivelly little updates. Following on from the Craig Charles interview, as reported on below, we’ve updated our Rumour Tracker and DVD & Movie FAQ documents. I might as well reveal now that this time next week there’ll be a new section on G&T, which we’ve been keeping under wraps for a while. We’ll give you a clue: it’s not about Red Dwarf

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Ooch-aye! Memorabilia!

Aaaaah, lots of lovely Dwarf news for you. Firstly, news of the next Memorabilia event (from the ever-wonderful Tracey Brennan), held this month on Saturday 23rd (10am – 5pm) and Sunday 24th (11am – 5pm) at the SECC in Glasgow. Adults are £5 and children are just £3.50, making it cheaper than the NEC event. The reason we’re telling you this of course is that Craig Charles and Chris Barrie are appearing there once more (again, Craig is there just for the Saturday). Me and Ian won’t be there, as we’ll be getting PISSED in MANCHESTER, but I heartily recommend you go – last time we wentwas our first time, and it’s bloody fantastic.

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Waiting For Capsules

Yes, you’ve been waiting a long time. But fear not – we’ve got a bumper update of three entire capsules today! We can now bring you the concluding three episodes of Series I – Waiting For God, Confidence and Paranoia and Me²! This means that after we’ve done a couple of extra bits for Me², we can finally move onto Series II!

In other news, Red Dwarf has been nominated for the BBC’s Britain’s Best Sit-Com. This will be a worthwhile programme, and not just an excuse to show Del Boy falling through the bar again. Oh no. Anyway, viewers have to vote for a mere ten sit-coms, from a practically pre-determined and non-negotiable list of 100 (you can nominate only one of your own choosing that isn’t on the list. Woop-de-fucking-doo). Frankly, I can’t be arsed.

Also, Back in the Red have reported on Craig Charles’s latest short film, Ten Minutes. Despite its title, it actually lasts 17 minutes, but the synopsis does look interesting. It’s co-directed by Nick Mole, who you might recognise from his role as the UK producer of Takeshi’s Castle. The man’s obviously a Craig Charles fan.

Finally, a big ol’ thankyou to our pal Rob Sedgebeer, who has linked to G&T on the front page of NOTBBC. If you look to your left, you’ll see that we’ve returned the favour. Can you feel the love?

Ian’s Newsround – I Got To Get My Props

Fucking hell. Those quite remarkable people over at The Prop Store of London have added a new collection to their already impressive selection, and, as you’ve probably ascertained from the fact that we’re reporting on this site, it’s a bloody Red Dwarf collection. Amongst their new additions are such instantly recognisable and icon items as The A-Z Of Red Dwarf, as used in Me², a can of Leopard Lager and the jacket that The Cat gets killed in at the end of Out of Time. Shame about the huge prices, but they are surely worth it – just imagine having your own Red Dwarf Ship’s Issue strawberry yoghurt pot. Incidentally, why does a prop store in London give all its prices in dollars before pounds?

In a quite excellent update on the official site, a complete cast and crew list has been provided for Series I, II, III and IV. The detail is stunning – each page includes what must be a near-complete list of uncredited extras for each episode! This rather pisses on our own meagre effort, which is a bit of a shame. One minor gripe about this though – they should indicate which episode(s) each regular guest character appeared in, rather than just listing them for the whole series. OK, so we know all about the guest characters, but not everyone does.

One final piece of news – Series III is to be repeated on BBC TWO, starting on 21st August. In other words, it’s continuing on from the current run of Series II. This is clearly good news, although the series does deserve a slightly more prime-time slot than TEN TO BLOODY MIDNIGHT. Still, viewers can enjoy the Monday night line-up of Two Pints Of Shit and a Packet Of Shit, Dead Shit and Absolutely Shit instead. There’s also a two week gap in between Marooned and Polymorph. Presumably live coverage of the World Tiddlywinks Championship, or something.

One final bit of site news, the index to the Articles section has been jigged around a bit, as it was getting a bit cramped. Thankyou for reading Ian’s Newsround. We apologise for the delay. We should apologise for the headline. If anyone can identify which early-90s hip-hop tune it comes from, they win a coconut.