Doctor Dwarf, Part Minus One

(because it occurs prior to the Eccleston series, you see)

‘Look at this, Doug! I’ve got the Brig’s email address, I’ve got his home phone number. What’s this? BN45 7ED. I’ve got his smegging postcode!’ Oswald could barely contain his excitement. He was waving the business card like it was a winning lottery ticket.

From this, which is, by the way, utterly brilliant. And yes, the character who’s saying “smegging” is a complete nerd and conspiracy theorist. And yes, the fact that he’s saying “smegging” is probably a way of emphasising the fact that he’s a complete nerd. But still.

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Doctor Dwarf, Part Whatever

John says that Jenna “It’s cold outside there’s no kind of atmosphere I’m all alone more or less let me fly far away from here fun fun fun in the sun sun sun I want to lie shipwrecked and comatose drinking fresh mango juice goldfish shoals nibbling at my toes fun fun fun in the sun sun sun fun fun fun in the sun sun sun” Russell was the Weakest Link floor manager in “Bad Wolf”. That’s yer lot for this week, I think.

But the fact that there were more Mars Attacks references (the Dalek ships, the dog’s-head-on-a-human-body bit) than Dwarf ones this week didn’t stop the second half of the episode from being THE BEST THING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD…

Edited To Add : This, which is dangerously close to being the funniest thing I have ever seen.

(but don’t open it in Winamp, because you’ll only get the sound, use QuickTime)

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Doctor Dwarf, Part Four

In 1994, producer Peter Wagg and high-up Beeb bloke Alan Yentob, in collaboration with casting agents John and Ros Hubbard, were considering potential candidates to play the Doctor in what would eventually become (but what was then very different from) the 1996 US/UK co-production. They had an absolutely massive list of potential candidates, which included pretty much every noted British actor (and some Americans) in a quite wide age range, and even included people like Adam Ant and Chris Evans. Given the scope of the list, therefore, not too much should be read into the presence of various people on it. Even so, discovering that Chris Barrie was on there caused me to smirk while reading the book Regeneration.

(incidentally, he wasn’t the only Dwarf-connected name considered – Robert Bathurst was also on that initial list, and Tony Slattery was one of a number of actors who had videotaped auditions)

Meanwhile, back in 2005-Who-land :

CAPTAIN JACK : Can we put the bomb in the escape pod?
COMPUTER : There is no escape pod on board.
CAPTAIN JACK : Alright, I’ll get in the escape pod!
KRYTEN : An adroit suggestion, sir, with just two minor drawbacks…

CAPTAIN JACK : Well, computer, it’s been great.
COMPUTER : Don’t go, Ace! I love you!
CAPTAIN JACK : Stiff upper modem, old girl…

Oh, and would it be churlish to point out that (back in ’94 again) on the list of names of actors whose “agents said that their clients would not be averse to a three- or five-year commitment” was one Eccleston, C?

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