Red Dwarf X: Bluray/DVD Review

IT. IS. HERE. Less than a fortnight after the final episode of Red Dwarf X aired, the DVD and Bluray have been released into the loving embrace of fans throughout the UK – just in time for Christmas. Despite the tight turnaround, nearly three hours of extras accompany the release, most notably the epic behind-the-scenes documentary We’re Smegged. Having set a precedent for incredibly comprehensive, entertaining and value-packed releases for the earlier series, will this latest offering stack up?

The short answer is: yes. The longer answer requires an unhealthy level of detail, chronicling every aspect of the release in far too much depth. Get comfy.

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Let’s Talk About We’re Smegged

…and indeed the deleted scenes, smeg ups and anything else relating to the Red Dwarf X Bluray/DVD release. It’s in the shops from Monday, but those of you who were able to pre-order from reputable online retailers should have had them shoved up your letterbox at some point today.

Our full and massive review will be appearing within the next couple of days, but in the meantime, you can use this thread as a place to dump your thoughts. Be warned, though – if you’ve not pre-ordered, or you’re an American or something daft like that, this will contain spoilers for the massive documentary. We’ve seen it. It is good.

DwarfCast 42 – Just The Interviews

When are people going to realise – Red Dwarf X is OVER. To bridge the extremely small gap between the final episode being broadcast and the Bluray/DVD being released, here’s a collection of all our Series X related interviews. These were originally dotted around our massive instant reaction Dwarfcasts, so we thought we’d bring them all together in one place for your comfort and convenience. So please welcome Bill Pearson, Craig Charles, Doug Naylor, Rebecca Blackstone and Steven Wickham – together at last! Plus, as this is essentially a ‘best of’, there’s the obligatory tiny quotient of new material, just to force the completists to listen to the whole thing. Ha.

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Red Dwarf X: The Beginning Review

If you were to put together a wishlist for elements you want in a Red Dwarf episode, it would feature a credible threat, character issues bubbling away in the background, an interesting narrative, memorable guest performances, fantastic model work, and, preferably, something that draws from and expands on the mythology of one of the central characters. These elements have been present in throughout Red Dwarf X, though not all at the same time, and with varying degrees of success. Could The Beginning bring everything together to give us the conclusion that this series and – potentially – Red Dwarf as a whole deserves? The answer is… pretty much, yeah.

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Yes, TOS have updated with details of what we’re going to be getting in our letterboxes on or around November 19th (or not if you didn’t pre-order them, you lazy bastards)…

The menus look amazing, obviously, as we’ve come to expect, but of particular noteĀ is the lack of episode commentaries, galleries or Goodall’s isolated music cues which is quite a shame, but on the other hand we do have ‘We’re Smegged’, Nathan Cubitt’s near 2-hour behemoth documentary “with teeth” on the making of the series, so we can’t complain really.

DwarfCast 41 – The Beginning: Instant Reaction

It’s the final instant reaction Dwarfcast of the series, beset from all sides by technical problems that make Red Dwarf X‘s production look like a walk in the park. But still, this version of the ‘cast is the definitive way to listen to how me, Cappsy, Danny, John, Tanya and TORDFC’S Jo reacted to The Beginning, joined along the way by special guests Jonathan ‘Jonsmad’ Young and Seb ‘Seb’ Patrick. There’s also yet more exclusive news regarding the next Dimension Jump convention, a summary of our views on the series as a whole, and an ultra-rare piece of sincerity right at the end.

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Let’s Talk About The Beginning

Yes, it’s the last of these weekly posts that start with the words “Let’s Talk About”. Possibly ever, but hopefully only for a couple of years or so. Tonight, it’s time to talk about the final episode of Red Dwarf X, ominously entitled The Beginning. We know that bits of it were based one of the movie scripts, that it contains a big gun-toting bastard with a moustache, and it’s been suggested that we should make sure we keep watching after the end credits. This is EXCITING. What’s more exciting, however, is the prospect of us not doing any more live Dwarfcasts of a Thursday night. Sadly for you, we’ll be live from 10pm tonight, and the link will be posted on here and on Twitter at around 9:40pm. As it’s the last one, I’m sure you’ll all have plenty to say, so post comments here, or tweet us @ganymedetitan, if you don’t want to miss out on the final opportunity to have us to ingest your points.

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Red Dwarf X: Dear Dave Review

Dear Dave,

Remember me? I’m Hayley, your plot device. I know you’ve never mentioned me before, despite Red Dwarf being on its tenth series, but I still expect you to care that I might be pregnant by you, despite the fact that both I and the baby died 3 million years ago, and that your oddly casual reaction concludes in you just as casually calling me a slag once you realise that you’re not the father after all.

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DwarfCast 40 – Dear Dave: Instant Reaction

It’s the 40th Dwarfcast, and the fifth of our live Series X Instant Reaction chinwags, lovingly made not-live and downloadable, with improved sound quality, but no improvement in any other branch of quality. This week, we’re talking about Dear Dave, and in keeping with the episode itself, we flit all over the place, cramming in as many topics as possible, without any satisfying conclusion. But excitingly, the entire G&T team are present for the first time this series – that’s Jonathan Capps, John Hoare, Tanya Jones, Danny Stephenson and Ian Symes – along with regular pod chum Jo Sharples of TORDFC and non-Dwarf fan, but interested observer, Julian Hazeldine. Controversial opening music from the live version not included, sadly.

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Let’s Talk About Dear Dave

It’s the bottle episode of the bottle series. Only half of it was shot in front of the audience, presumably because the bloody thing wasn’t written yet. Even those who were at the recording have very little concept of what they’re going to see on their telly tonight – Dave, 9:00pm, obviously. Please use this thread to deposit all your thoughts on the episode; we might well read some out on tonight’s LIVE Instant Reaction Dwarfcast. We have a full compliment of G&Ters, all gathered in one place, for the first and only time this series. The show starts at 10:00pm, and we’ll be posting the link here and on Twitter soon after Dear Dave finishes at 9:40pm.

While you’re counting down the minutes to Dwarf time, why not reacquaint yourself with Kris Carter’s non-spoilery set report? And don’t go talking to any other Red Dwarf fansites. I heard what happened between you and Gazpacho Soup…