Red Dwarf X: Entangled Review

During the Entangled Instant Reaction DwarfCast I proclaimed this episode to be my favourite of the series so far, which is something that’s endured over a number of rewatches. Every other episode has undoubtedly had stronger elements and, in the case of Lemons, had a neater and better story. But what I think Entangled has in absolute bags is a pleasingly familiar, traditional feeling with the best main cast performances of the series so far and tonnes of great laughs.

Surprisingly, given the controversial elements of episodes 2 and 3, I think Entangled has seen the most extreme splitting of fan opinion. In general, people either rate this as their favourite thus far, or the worst of the worst. If at times this review seems to be going to address criticisms from a straw man, that’s because I think more than ever I think I need to explain exactly why I like this episode so much and why some of the things that are bothering others are not bothering me. Whether I can achieve that without being reduced to screaming “BUT I LIKE THIS BIT YOU WANKERS I HATE YOU ALL” remains to be seen, but I’ll try.

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DwarfCast 39 – Entangled: Instant Reaction

If you haven’t got time to waste twatting about with other fansites and reviews, why not try our instant reaction Dwarfcast for Entangled? This is the downloadable version of last night’s live ‘cast, featuring the same mistakes and ill-thought-through opinions, but with nicer audio quality. Ian Symes, Jonathan Capps, Danny Stephenson and TORDFC’s Jo Sharples are joined by ‘special’ ‘guest’ Seb Patrick, of fame, who gives his ‘insight’ from his day spent behind-the-scenes on this episode. We’ve also got a whole bunch of your comments and small points, and most excitingly, an exclusive interview with chief garbage gobbler Steven Wickham, who tells us all about how he got involved with the show again after an absence of nearly twenty years, his thoughts on Series X as a whole, and his feelings on being so near yet so far to performing in front of a live audience. All that, plus a preview of Dear Dave and a lot of unnecessary swearing. Hurrah!

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Let’s Talk About Entangled

Right everyone, it’s once again time to SIT THE FUCK DOWN and make the necessary preparations for another night of new Red Dwarf.  This week we’ll be watching, entranced, as Entangled makes it première on Dave or Dave HD (whatever’s your poison) at 9.00pm.  This episode is going to be a fun filled extravaganza, I’m sure you’ll agree.

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Red Dwarf X: Lemons Review

Last year, I wrote this little piece on audience sitcom and ambition. About how too much audience sitcom these days doesn’t look much further in terms of setting than a house, or office; and how much more it could be with a bit of imagination.

That article was based on an old set of emails I wrote, a long time ago – but I must admit, when I finally got round to writing that article, I knew Red Dwarf X was coming, and I knew it would be shot in front of an audience. I wanted the show to prove that audience sitcom could still move beyond french windows and a sofa – and I wanted to write a follow-up piece pointing out exactly what I was driving at.

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DwarfCast 38 – Lemons: Instant Reaction

The power of the Geordie Jesus compels you to download Dwarfcast 38: our instant reaction to Series X Episode 3, Lemons. It’s exactly the same as the version we broadcast live – mistakes and all – but with vastly improved sound quality. For the first time this series, Tanya Jones joins her fellow G&Ters Ian Symes, Jonathan Capps and Danny Stephenson, along with the Fan Club’s Jo Sharples. We’re also joined for sporadic periods by Curtis Threadgold, Carrie n’ Kiran Parsons and Peter Martin, along with a shedload of your comments. It’s worth reiterating the standard disclaimer that these Dwarfcasts only aim to capture our initial gut reactions, and we’ll probably all say things that we no longer agree with in the days, weeks and months to come.

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Let’s Talk About Lemons

Jesus Christ, it’s new Red Dwarf night! Series X Episode 3, Lemons, premieres on Dave and Dave HD, tonight at 9:oopm. Please splatter this thread with your reactions and opinions. We’ll be selecting some choice ones to read out on tonight’s LIVE instant reaction Dwarfcast. The show will start at 10:00pm, and the link will appear right here, and on our Twitter page, just after the episode finishes on Dave. It’s well worth following us on there, just in case our server decides to fall over again.

While you’re waiting for Christ to appear, why not have another read of our set report from the audience recording night. And if that’s not enough, why not listen to the neckbearded tones of our very own Jonathan Capps, polluting the Red Dwarf Introcast’s analysis of Backwards? Do both of these things, then report back here immediately after Lemons. DO IT.

Red Dwarf X: Fathers & Suns review

Fathers & Suns could have been a classic episode of Red Dwarf. It’s got two intriguing, interweaving plots that bring with them danger, pathos and a whole bunch of quality comedy. There’s a superb guest performance, exciting levels of peril, and there’s one stand-out scene that embodies everything that made us fall in love with this programme in the first place. However, there’s also a few unnecessary and excruciating elements, featuring some of the worst guest performances we’ve seen for some time, that drag the episode down and leave me struggling to fully fall in love with an otherwise extremely enjoyable show. These two extremes of quality make for a complex and confusing episode, that will take quite a lot of words to summarise…

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DwarfCast 37 – Fathers & Suns: Instant Reaction

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the non-live version of our second live Dwarfcast, our instant reaction to Fathers & Suns. Ian Symes, Jonathan Capps, Danny Stephenson and the Fan Club’s Jo Sharples convene to talk about the daddy discipline, predictive Pree and Taiwan Tony, for a very long time. We’re ably assisted by some of the least rubbish G&T commenters – Alex Newsome, Kris Carter and Rich ‘p2p’ Lawden – via Skype, and we’ve also got a fantastic interview with Pree herself, Rebecca Blackstone. All this, plus exclusive news about next year’s Dimension Jump, a preview of next week’s episode, and a final ten seconds that are probably the best thing this site has ever achieved.

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Flip reverse it

One again Seb Patrick has emerged from beneath his blanket of unsold 2008 calendars to launch forth glorious, glorious NEWS.  This week: the absolutely gorgeous reversible DVD cover. (Warning, there’s a minor episode 3 spoiler after the jump, but nothing you don’t already know from the trailer).

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Let’s Talk About Fathers & Suns

Week two of Red Dwarf X‘s assault on digital broadcasting. Please use this post as a repository for all your musings on deadly computers, trucknapping and bits of poppadom. We’ll be reading a selection of comments from this thread during tonight’s LIVE Dwarfcast, which will start at 10pm. We’ll be posting a link right here, and also on Twitter. This time last week, G&T was struggling to cope with the legions of Dwarf fans flooding the internet; hopefully, things won’t be so bad this week, but it’s worth following @ganymedetitan on Twitter, to make sure you get the link to the live Dwarfcast and have somewhere to aim your mad thoughts.

It’s well worth listening in, because we’ve got an exclusive interview with Rebecca Blackstone, who plays Pree in tonight’s episode. She’s very friendly, very excitable and very interesting, so make sure you join us tonight at 10pm to make that extra-special ‘new Red Dwarf‘ feeling last a little longer.