Let’s Talk About Back To Earth Part Three

It’s the end of the specials as we know them. So this is your thread to post all your latest and greatest opinions during and immediately after the show. It’s struck me that despite everything we’ve seen in the last two days, we still know very little about what to expect tonight. Regardless of your opinions so far, you can’t help but to be fascinated at the prospect of what’s ahead.

You can also use this thread to discuss the Making Of, which follows on directly after Part Three. Once again, we’ll be using a selection of your comments in the accompanying podcast, which you can expect to hear a few hours after the episode finishes. Simple people, simple tastes…

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Swallow, if only you could smell what I’ve smelled with your nose!

Confused by the surfeit of Blade Runner references in Back to Earth? Just in case you’re among the poor, unfortunate souls who’ve never seen Ridley Scott’s masterpiece, Jonsmad of this parish has compiled an excellent list over in the forum of Youtube clips of the various moments from the film that have been referenced, or look like being referenced, in the specials. CHECK IT OUT.

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Let’s Talk About Back To Earth Part Two

Here’s a brand new discussion thread, right in front of your fat, stupid, weaselly faces. You know the score – use this page to post your comments during and immediately after the episode, and we’ll mention a few of them during the podcast. Once again, comments will paginate when they get to 200. Incoming!

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And a further 300,000 for the 10pm timeshift. And 1m for the Gunmen repeat!

So there we have it. Red Dwarf : Back to Earth is an absolutely HUGE FUCKING SUCCESS. As far as I can see, it’s second only to Torchwood as the highest ever rated UK-originated non-sports multichannel broadcast.* That’s a lot of conditions, but it’s still far more impressive than any of us could ever have anticipated.

*EDIT : “Fourth-highest”, according to Mike Warren’s research. Still, though. Bear in mind this is comparing overnights to final figures…

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Let’s Talk About Back To Earth Part One

Two hours to go. TWO DAMN HOURS. We’re starting this thread so that there’s a place for you to discuss the episodes during and immediately after the episode airs. What’s more, we’ll be checking this thread during the podcast, so we can read out and respond to any choice comments. It’ll be like a radio show, but not as good.

[Please note that if this baby hits 250 comments, you’re gonna see some serious shit! Well, the comments will start paginating. A little bit annoying, but if we didn’t put it in, the entire thread will explode.]

Good luck, everybody, here it comes!

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