More Marian

I somehow feel I should start this article by slagging off the new Robin Hood, and saying that Maid Marian is a million times better, and is all you’ll ever need. Unfortunately, I’ve been away the past couple of weekends and so haven’t caught it – and so can’t confirm that it’s as terrible as everyone else says it is. I’m afraid some form of journalistic credibility has peeped into my writing for the first time. Bugger. But you can always pretend I’ve said it if you know for yourself it’s rubbish, and then chuckle smugly.

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Maid Marian And Her Merry Men: The Complete Series One DVD

Mud, mud, all over the street, it sticks to your feet, It’s mud, mud, You get it in your hair, you get it everywhere, that mud, brown mud…

Thursday, 16th November 1989, BBC1, and the first episode of Maid Marian is broadcast. I loved it… but will it stand up to in-depth critical evaluation? I don’t know. But let’s see if it stands up to my shitty blatherings instead.

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