Yeah, they’re called dreams

So, I wake up this morning, and realise that I’ve been dreaming about Red Dwarf.

Unfortunately, it was about an new shot in Demons & Angels. A shot which involved the Highs and Lows playing tennis. On the underside of the ship. With water in the background. And it was a moving wide shot that moved back and forth between the players, from overhead. And the cast commentary was on as well. This was one of a number of new model shots I had introduced into the episode.


Reminds me of the time I dreamt up an entirely new VII…

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Dwarfing USA

Just in the middle of watching this again. And I know I said so at the time, but it needs repeating just how excellent it is. It doesn’t hurt that it’s such a great story to start with, but it’s told by everyone so well (particularly Doug and Llewellyn), and edited so perfectly, it’s definitely my favourite extra on any of the DVDs – of newly produced stuff, anyway. I just love the way Doug comes across as so intelligent, amusing, and… likeable.

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Programme Analysis

The brief for my main assignment for the first semester of my TV Production course was to analysise any television programme, of any genre, from any period. What do you think I chose? The first part is an overall analysis of the narrative; the second is a technical analysis of a five-minute section. Enjoy! Part […]

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Series V DVD Review (Fuchal)

Well, it’s time for my first DVD review, with the release of Series V. This was an eagerly-anticipated disc, not just for the quality of the episodes but for the amount and quality of extras packed onto it, most notably the Dwarfin’ USA documentary. But what is it like in the flesh, as it were? […]

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Series V DVD Review

The vast majority of us have had to wait until the actual release date before getting our grubby little hands on this DVD. It’s a fucking disgrace. But while we’d all prefer our letterboxes to be stuffed first thing on a Saturday morning, there is something to be said for getting up at stupid o’clock, […]

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Holoship: or, Love Stories

Love stories and science fiction are not always words that are spoken in the same sentence, unless that sentence was “I love science fiction stories,” or “Fiction stories love science,” but the last one seems a bit unnusual. Regardless, there has been a rich and long history of love stories in science fiction; some beautifully […]

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