Gany Made in Titan

You see, because the box says “Made in Titan”, and we’re Ganymede and… oh, look, forget it.

Anyway, do you want to win a copy of Bodysnatcher? Of course you do. And you already can. But do you ALSO want to win a copy of Just the Smegs AND a weird funky headset thing worn by Ed Bye during the making of the Remastered episodes? You do? Well, aren’t we a greedy ungrateful bastard? Luckily, GNP, BBC Worldwide and Youtube are your friend.

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Galaxy Beat

Thanks to G&T regular Jonsmad, who pointed us towards something rather interesting on YouTube – Galaxy Beat, a US SF comedy pilot, created by Alan Spencer. It was made in 1994, just two years after the failed Dwarf US pilots, and it never went to series either – but it’s well worth a watch.

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Ew Ew Ew

I don’t actually approve of uploading full episodes of Dwarf to YouTube. Clips, fine – but buy the DVDs if you want to watch a full episode. And don’t get me started on the twats who upload DVD extras…

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