Red Dwarf XI: Give & Take Review featured image

Give & Take was the first episode of Red Dwarf XI to go in front of the cameras, and yet curiously it's been shuffled into the episode 3 position in favour of an episode that, before broadcast, was being touted as a classic. Does this mean we've got a bit of a clunker on our hands? Is it really looking like this series decided to put its best foot forward and saved nothing for later? Were things a little bit rusty before production settled down into its mammoth multi-month and series schedule? Well, let's see...

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Red Dwarf XI: Samsara Review featured image

In the few days since Samsara was released online, the reaction seems to be mixed to say the least, with opinion split on whether or not it was better than Twentica. Some people are calling it a highlight of the Dave era, and some people are calling it an absolute stinker, although admittedly the majority lie somewhere in the middle of these extremes. Nevertheless, any review is naturally going to met with disagreement from one side or the other, so here's the deal.

If you liked Samsara, then the bits that have you nodding with agreement mean that your goodwill will be punished with bits that will make you angry. And if you hated it, all the insults you fling at me for being wrong will be rewarded by the time you reach the end. For I believe that this episode is a perfectly balanced mixture of equal parts great Red Dwarf and terrible Red Dwarf. Let's go back to the beginning to explore why...

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Red Dwarf XI: The Game Review featured image

Yesterday we published a possibly slightly too long video of my first impressions of Red Dwarf XI: The Game, and came out of the experience feeling quite positive and about the thing in general, with a few reservations mixed in. Since then I've played through the whole of the Twentica content on an actual phone and not a mouse controlled emulator. If you haven't already we'd love it if you take a look at our First Impressions video below and continue on for my full thoughts on the game as it currently stands. Spoilers for the whole game obviously follow.

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Over To Bill Review featured image

One of the biggest downsides of the Red Dwarf Movie's ten year development hell is that British comedy was robbed of one of its most unique voices for an entire decade. Even after Dwarf's triumphant return to our screens, it's still been nearly 20 years since we've seen anything written by Doug Naylor that doesn't contain those familiar four characters flying around in one of three spaceships. So now it's over to Over To Bill to see if the man who co-created one of the greatest sit-coms of all time can still conjure up compelling new characters and exciting fresh scenarios, in this one-off comedy drama.

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Red Dwarf X: Bluray/DVD Review featured image

IT. IS. HERE. Less than a fortnight after the final episode of Red Dwarf X aired, the DVD and Bluray have been released into the loving embrace of fans throughout the UK - just in time for Christmas. Despite the tight turnaround, nearly three hours of extras accompany the release, most notably the epic behind-the-scenes documentary We're Smegged. Having set a precedent for incredibly comprehensive, entertaining and value-packed releases for the earlier series, will this latest offering stack up?

The short answer is: yes. The longer answer requires an unhealthy level of detail, chronicling every aspect of the release in far too much depth. Get comfy.

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Red Dwarf X: The Beginning Review featured image

If you were to put together a wishlist for elements you want in a Red Dwarf episode, it would feature a credible threat, character issues bubbling away in the background, an interesting narrative, memorable guest performances, fantastic model work, and, preferably, something that draws from and expands on the mythology of one of the central characters. These elements have been present in throughout Red Dwarf X, though not all at the same time, and with varying degrees of success. Could The Beginning bring everything together to give us the conclusion that this series and - potentially - Red Dwarf as a whole deserves? The answer is... pretty much, yeah.

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Red Dwarf X: Dear Dave Review featured image

Dear Dave,

Remember me? I'm Hayley, your plot device. I know you've never mentioned me before, despite Red Dwarf being on its tenth series, but I still expect you to care that I might be pregnant by you, despite the fact that both I and the baby died 3 million years ago, and that your oddly casual reaction concludes in you just as casually calling me a slag once you realise that you're not the father after all.

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Red Dwarf X: Entangled Review featured image

During the Entangled Instant Reaction DwarfCast I proclaimed this episode to be my favourite of the series so far, which is something that's endured over a number of rewatches. Every other episode has undoubtedly had stronger elements and, in the case of Lemons, had a neater and better story. But what I think Entangled has in absolute bags is a pleasingly familiar, traditional feeling with the best main cast performances of the series so far and tonnes of great laughs.

Surprisingly, given the controversial elements of episodes 2 and 3, I think Entangled has seen the most extreme splitting of fan opinion. In general, people either rate this as their favourite thus far, or the worst of the worst. If at times this review seems to be going to address criticisms from a straw man, that's because I think more than ever I think I need to explain exactly why I like this episode so much and why some of the things that are bothering others are not bothering me. Whether I can achieve that without being reduced to screaming "BUT I LIKE THIS BIT YOU WANKERS I HATE YOU ALL" remains to be seen, but I'll try.

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