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    The End would also be a Lister-centric episode, since he’s the POV for almost the entire episode.

    I think its more interesting to see that most episodes are either focused on Lister, Rimmer, and Kryten or are ensemble episodes of the three including Cat; very rarely is it not this.

    Holly-centric episodes
    – Queeg
    – White Hole (A stretch but she by herself is a major part of the plot)

    Cat-centric episodes
    – Waiting for God (A stretch but his species at least is a major part of the plot)
    – Can of Worms

    Lister-centric episodes
    – The End
    – Confidence and Paranoia
    – Ouroboros
    – Epideme
    – Nanarchy
    – Back to Earth Part III (Possible to argue the entire special but III is the best example)
    – Fathers and Suns
    – Dear Dave
    – M-Corp

    Rimmer-centric episodes
    – Me²
    – Better Than Life
    – Justice
    – Dimension Jump
    – Meltdown (Possible to argue otherwise but the plot is partially based around and entirely resolved by Rimmer)
    – Holoship
    – Terrorform
    – Quarantine
    – Rimmerworld
    – Stoke Me a Clipper
    – Only the Good… (Turns into a Rimmer-centric episode by the half-way point)
    – Trojan
    – The Beginning
    – Officer Rimmer
    – Skipper

    Kryten-centric episodes
    – Kryten
    – The Last Day
    – Camille
    – D.N.A. (Possible to argue otherwise but he is a major part of the plot)
    – Beyond a Joke
    – Krytie TV
    – Krysis
    – Siliconia

    Lister/Rimmer-centric episodes (Where the plot is almost entirely focused on Lister and Rimmer and/or their interactions with each other)
    – Balance of Power
    – Thanks for the Memory
    – Marooned
    – Blue
    – Pete I & II

    Lister/Kryten-centric episodes (Same thing but with Kryten instead of Rimmer)
    – The Inquisitor

    Ensemble episodes (Where all crew are impacted and the plot doesn’t primarily focus on one character exclusively)
    – Future Echoes
    – Parallel Universe
    – Backwards
    – Polymorph
    – Timeslides (Though more focus is given to Lister in the first-half and Rimmer in the second-half)
    – Demons & Angels
    – Back to Reality
    – Psirens
    – Legion
    – Gunmen of the Apocalypse
    – Emohawk: Polymorph II
    – Out of Time
    – Tikka to Ride
    – Duct Soup
    – Back in the Red I, II, & III
    – Cassandra
    – Back to Earth Part II (Since it revolves around the crew exploring the “real world”)
    – Lemons
    – Entangled
    – Twentica
    – Samsara
    – Give & Take
    – Cured (Though it can be argued Cat takes a certain precedence in this episode)
    – Timewave
    – Mechocracy

    I need a life

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    I wish they’d have the cast names in comic sans font and light up in different colours in the new intros.

    Fuck the BBC


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    If they built a small set for the Starbug stairs that lead to the launch-pad it’d probably add to the scale. I’d rather we try and discuss how to make it better instead of completely scrapping everything for CGI.

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    If only this was an episode of Red Dwarf we’d have formed a general consensus by now

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    Series III reused that shot of Starbug crash-landing into the snow planet from Marooned a lot (Bodyswap springs to mind)

    Plus the chase in Bodyswap features the same shot of Starbug crashing into a rock twice, same camera angle too.

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    Stoke is a good episode, but yeah, starting with it is like starting Doctor Who on The Parting of the Ways

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    I really hate that the fans spent all those years going “No more CGI! We want models!”, then as soon as they get models there is a ridiculous amount of nitpicking and complaining, followed by “No more models! WE WANT CGI!!!”

    Yep, I mean not only do I think a CGI Red Dwarf would still look like shit, I think the current Red Dwarf model is excellent. It just needs better shots and not zoom-in on the logo everytime. Is it impossible to get a crane again?

    We should’ve drafted Mac McDonald

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    Thatcher was referenced in the background in Eccleston’s Father’s Day, but doesn’t really count considering it was a decade after her government I suppose.

    in reply to: Why doesn't Chris Barrie read Last Human and Backwards #238215

    That would’ve been my second request.

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    McSpazatron is said twice in the Spongebob Squarepants Movie (Maybe three times, can’t remember)

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    I remember Rimmer says bullshit in Last Human, but I think that was more to make the situation more serious and bring it to reality a bit.

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    Okay, so I watched every Cyberman episode from Tennant and Smith (Exception of Smith’s last story with the wood Cybermen, but come on that’s fucking stupid anyway) so I have zero frame of reference for Capaldi’s Cyberman episodes; but good christ did they fuck them up. Never once was any episode with them good.

    Worst ones:

    1. Closing Time (James Cordon defeats them with the power of LOVE; give me a fucking break. Dumbest episode of Smith’s era)
    2. Nightmare in Silver (Clara was a shit companion and should’ve been retired)
    3. Doomsday (QUICK, we gotta make the Daleks look badass, give them some fodder to murder)
    4. The Next Doctor (I’m waiting for the Power Rangers to show up anytime now)

    Siliconia was the best Cyberman episode modern Doctor Who never had,

    1. Humanised converted former humans; took time to actually watch and see them slowly lose their personalities (I know with Cybermen this is instantaneous except that one brief moment in The Age of Steel, but still the whole point of Cybermen is they were previously unwilling humans)
    2. Made the enemies actually a force to be reckoned with by the main protagonists (I swear to God, every Cybermen story I’ve seen its just a bunch of army dudes blowing them up, OH LOOK AT OUR BADASS CLARA)
    3. When the formerly human converts actually DO lose their personality, they are threatening (Cat especially, that voice Danny does is fucking ace) and they don’t act like robots like modern Cybermen but an uncanny middle-ground. Modern Cybermen is them clanging their feet and marching in rows all the bloody time in complete unison, no meat to bite into, yeah you can say its creepy that they are just indistinguishable from each other, I disagree you need some hints.

    Yeah, Siliconia’s ending is practically a deus ex machina, but goddamnit does everything else about that episode work so well. Well anyway rant over, talk about Jodie and stuff.

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    I quite liked Tennant (Of course, Eccleston beats him, but still), a lot of his stories stick with me as really good like Midnight, Turn Left, Waters of Mars, Human Nature, etc.

    Though the number of times Tennant’s doctor went “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry” good christ, and his last story was just fucking terrible and he came across as such a whiny cunt “I DESERVE MORE” (If I was a Doctor Who fan, probably go down in my top 5 worst Doctor moments)

    But overall, he was quite good and I enjoyed him.

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    I thought Matt Smith was rubbish, that’s about as far as my opinions on Doctor Who goes before I stopped watching it.

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    2018 10 05 15 02 15

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    Its cause Lister and Rimmer are gay

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    Wish I could be there, but unfortunately that shall not be the case. If Doug announces XIII (and XIV?) while there tho, I shall cream me pants.

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    Also unpopular opinion maybe, I think the III-V bunkroom looks the worst. Its not bad, all the bunkrooms have good qualities, but the III-V one looks the most like a set.

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    The BtE one is severely underrated.

    If we’d have seen that bunkroom more than just one episode, it’d be more liked and probably up there among fan favourites. Actually, fucking hell that bunkroom only appeared in one episode, what a shame.

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    The bunkroom from X, XI, and XII is the same set, its just lit differently from series to series.

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    Eh its ok, Quarantine was a shit episode

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    We only use Zavvi to calculate when the Red Dwarf blu-ray might get released

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    tombow gets his balls busted: the thread

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    I used to write lists (as all good SF fans and general geeks should) of titles in chronological and alphabetical order, with transmission dates and allsorts

    Fuck, I’ve been doing that several times over the past few months with Red Dwarf now, I need to go to rehab

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    Even then, if you just want your friends to see a random episode of Red Dwarf and not one to hopefully get them into the show; the episodes where the crew either deal with a specific threat or go on an adventure to a new place like Gunmen, Legion, Twentica, Polymorph, etc.

    Work well.

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    Same reason I think Gunmen of the Apocalypse isn’t a good episode to start with, they’re think they fight in giant space battles every week.

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    Basically a lot of Red Dwarf episodes are better if you’re familiar with the show

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    If I were to show somebody Red Dwarf for the first time, the episode I’d show them first is Cassandra. It’s got a little bit of everything-A Holly/Lister scene, some bunkroom banter, a sci-fi plotline about exploring a derelict ship, and lots and lots of funny jokes. It’s not the best episode ever, no, but it’s like all the different elements of Red Dwarf combined into one episode and you don’t really need to have knowledge of prior episodes to understand what’s going on

    Understandable, but I don’t want the person to have to say their first series was Series VIII lol. Tho there is the problem of them being surrounded by other humans, which is a rarity most of the time in the rest of the show.

    I think The Inquisitor is a pretty good one to introduce the premise and the characters, as well as a fun sci-fi idea. Or maybe Future Echoes.

    I can see Future Echoes, but The Inquisitor is better if you’re already familiar with how much the crew have been wasting their lives getting no further in their goals than two series previous.

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    Never seen the IT Crowd and incredibly little of Back Books to comment, but another Linehan show, Father Ted, I’ve seen all the way through and I enjoyed parts here and there of it.

    Best bit that stuck out to me is when Ted is talking with Dougal and he starts cursing at him, and Ted is in disbelief and asks him to repeat himself. Always made me laugh.

    in reply to: What's the most you've laughed at Red Dwarf? #237635

    Trojan as a first, yikes. I know a girl who decided to try out Red Dwarf after me banging on about it for years, and sat down to watch the first episode of Series X as it first aired. She switched it off at the ad break. I like the episode but I don’t think it’s the best, or a great “welcome to Red Dwarf”, despite the moose gag. It’s another one where that gag is funnier because you already know Cat is an idiot, and the stuff with Rimmer’s brother is obviously more affecting if you’re familiar with the backstory.

    Granted, first time I got into Red Dwarf was watching Series I to Series X from beginning to end back in 2012. So I can’t really say what would make a good first episode since I watched it all in-order (Only time I haven’t watched a Red Dwarf episode in sequence was Officer Rimmer when I got out of RD a few years back and just heard Series XI got released, and watched that cause the episode description sparked my curiosity).

    But yeah, thinking about it again Trojan doesn’t quite set up all the elements of Red Dwarf too well I suppose.

    Rimmer is set up well for a first impression, I believe, the scene with him getting the exam results with Kryten is basically a summary of his neuroses, incompetence, and prone-to-fail character for any new viewer watching for the first time to get familiar with. Though I suppose everyone else kinda takes a backseat and their trademarks aren’t highlighted, since Trojan is a Rimmer-centric episode to begin with.

    And Fawlty Towers is just a bunch of wacky shit happening and people screaming about it, innit? The specific episode we watched was the infamous “don’t mention the war” one; perhaps it’s a similar issue of that one not being a great starter.

    Might’ve been funnier at the time, since most Germans nowadays probably have no personal connection to WW2, so Basil’s insensitivity is lessened. I watched all Fawlty Towers episodes, and I think the one about the door getting replaced by a wall by the renovators was the funniest, but that was only cause I have experience in ordering something that turns out to be complete opposite of want I wanted.

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    Legion is the funniest episode.

    Goes without saying, if I was ever to show any of my fellow Yank friends Red Dwarf for the first time, it’d be that episode cause all the jokes land and are hilarious.

    The End is funny cause it subverts expectations, but it isn’t the funniest episode by miles. Back to Reality, while good, would make for terrible first viewing cause the jokes are better when you are already familiar with the characters especially for the bit in the Recuperation Lounge. Gunmen of the Apocalypse would probably give them the wrong idea about Red Dwarf, as it did to Patrick Stewart (“Star Trek-parody”).

    Legion and maybe Trojan would be my first choices to get someone into Red Dwarf.

    I found Fawlty Towers loud and ridiculous and boring

    I think its funnier if you have had experience with incompetent management and/or management that doesn’t give a shit about you prior to watching it.

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    I liked that deleted scene in Cured where Rimmer and Kryten are discussing fictional characters with beards and suddenly out of nowhere Rimmer’s atheism is reestablished. I thought it was funny.

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    I think they’d at least try it for one of the novels just to test the water, like all companies they like money I assume.

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    I remember this one deleted scene that made me laugh more than anything in the show now that I remember it. Its the deleted scene in Holoship right after Rimmer is told he’ll have to face-off against e member of the ship for a position, is the funniest thing ever.

    The thing that sells it is the Captain’s dramatic walk towards Rimmer, how Rimmer is so confident, Chris Barrie flinging his fucking legs in the air, way funnier than that Ministry of Funny Walks or whatever stupid bullshit from Monty Python. Amazing, never laughed harder.

    Also Timewave was a good episode, fight me.

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    Of course I would, I do ship them after all

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    I can’t tell if that one BBC Two ident of playing pool was supposed to be a sexual innuendo or really fucking stupid

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    Can’t remember my reactions to the classic series, but oddly enough the joke to get the biggest laugh from me was the size doesn’t matter gag from Can of Worms.

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    I just want to hear Chris deliver Rimmer’s speech to McGruder, one of my favourite parts of the novels there.

    in reply to: Why doesn't Chris Barrie read Last Human and Backwards #237467

    I’m not so much asking why didn’t Chris do it back then, more so why doesn’t he do it now.

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    Can’t wait for the episode where Rimmer goes bald.

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    Always had a blind-spot for Rs

    in reply to: Dirty Feed #237438

    RIP Birdman profile image

    It’s funny how an aspect of Red Dwarf’s most loved episode is one of the show’s most hated characters, lol.

    (Yes, I get it, he works in that episode but doesn’t in every subsequent appearance; tis a joke)

    – I think its a fun idea, though he’s more meant to be James Bond than Batman, which if you consider Bond a super hero I guess is the case.

    – Considering the real size of the universe let alone a multiverse, an entire planet of Ace coffins is quite modest.

    – Its done as well as you could hope really, like I said you either factor in how Rimmer acts in the final 5 minutes of Out of Time, how he is in Tikka to Ride, and this… or just take this which is fine too I guess.

    – It really depends on how you view the crew dynamic. Do they care about each other? Do they hate each other? Do they tolerate each other? Its up in the air as far as the show is concerned, but I wouldn’t call Kryten and Cat’s relationship with Rimmer on equal footing with that of Lister and Kochanski.

    – If you’re factoring Out of Time with this is it works in that he did try to save the crew of selflessness when he could’ve been killed by the falling debris while doing so.

    I always factor it in with Rimmer saving the crew at the end of Out of Time, coupled with him being the one to chastise Lister for abusing the Time Drive in Tikka to Ride, as a series of events leading to him becoming Ace. That might not have been intentional but it has always worked for me.

    I don’t mind it, Ace isn’t touched much in RD media when you really think about it. so I liked the experimentation done since the end product was quite nice terrible CGI aside.

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    Pretty sure the grey studio background was just a template, I’ve seen the poses photoshopped in-front of deep space in promotional adverts

    in reply to: Are there any XI & XII publicity photos avaliable? #237404

    They do exist in a very similar style to the X ones (backgrounds almost identical) but no, I don’t think they’ve ever been put out there. Not for any particular reason, I don’t think – just more that there was never really a reason to use them in that way.

    That’s a shame, hopefully they release them.

    in reply to: Are there any XI & XII publicity photos avaliable? #237360

    I stand corrected I do believe an additional photoshoot may have taken place since the billboards last year contained Cat posing in his outfit from Mechocracy, my futile hunt continues.

    That was M-Corp I believe.

    Yeah, you do have to kinda give them a pass on the cameos at least since Talkie, Holly, Captain Hollister are all part of Red Dwarf lore in one way or another. The excessive callbacks to mostly trivial tho I could do without, I don’t know if its nostalgia or a nod to continuity tbh.

    I wonder if Doug browses this website.

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    Also some of the photos make appearances in Red Dwarf XI: The Game.

    p1187570 e v7 ab

    2018 09 20 20 21 27

    in reply to: Are there any XI & XII publicity photos avaliable? #237355

    Yeah, I think the images of the exact photoshoot I’m looking for was taken sometime around the filming of Samsara going off of Cat’s outfit.

    It’s just they look more or less the same in XI & XII so I couldn’t really differentiate the two.

    Mechocracy really should’ve been in XI shouldn’t it? In XII the nostalgia kinda becomes crowded with all the core cameos in one particular series (Talkie Toaster, Holly, Captain Hollister). Plus had it been in XI it might’ve coincided with the 2016 US election so it may or may not have got some increased viewership, idk.

    Ace Rimmer – Yes, if the Ace who appears is actually the original Rimmer who departed in ‘Stoke Me A Clipper’, revealing that the Rimmer we’ve been seeing for the whole of the Dave era is actually a second Rimmer hologram created after nanoRimmer died after the end of ‘Only The Good… ‘ (explaining why the UKTV Rimmer is a bit more of an asshole than BBC Rimmer). OG Rimmer would mostly keep up the Ace persona, so it’d essentially be a sequel to ‘Me^2’ and ‘Dimension Jump’ at the same time.

    If this was Reddit I’d give you gold, but this is G&T so I’ll say bravo.

    Ace – I wouldn’t mind him coming back, but I like believing BTE-XII Rimmer is the Rimmer from VIII and I feel like him returning will give an excuse to fuck that up. Otherwise as long as its not some joke episode and actually meaningful, Ace done seriously is best Ace (The beginning to Stoke Me a Clipper is an exception).

    Duane – It’d probably be pretty hammy, wouldn’t it? Can’t imagine how’d they do it well.

    Why not spice this list up a bit? How about Kochanski and Holly (Norman & Hattie versions).

    Kochanski – Can only see this done as part of a series final, movie, or feature length special. It’s been built-up too much to be a throwaway.

    Holly (Norman) – I liked him in Skipper (Fingers-crossed GNP’s de-aging technology has improved since 2016), and wouldn’t mind him back as a regular character as long as his reappearance is explained.

    Holly (Hattie) – I’d like to see her back, I’ve suggested this once, that if Red Dwarf ever ends on a feature length special or movie that Hattie could come back as a random different character as a wink-and-nudge. But otherwise, I don’t know how they can make her reappear without it being forced and having the show be critised for pandering to nostalgia.

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    May Cloister smile upon thee, o’ broken thread fixer

    in reply to: Are there any XI & XII publicity photos avaliable? #237311

    Well question still stands I guess

    in reply to: Are there any XI & XII publicity photos avaliable? #237309


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    The model shots are passable, but for me the lighting in XI & XII was really unnecessary sometimes. Why make everything so blue and dark, I could hardly see the Starbug set with the lighting half the time. Plus I’m really not a fan of the giant fans in corridors which make everything a different hue below it, its realistic but it gets quite distracting.

    in reply to: Howard Goodall is a fucking idiot #237279

    BTW tho, we weren’t calling Goodall a “fucking idiot” anyway, in fact I’m pretty sure this thread was made to laugh at such claims.

    in reply to: Howard Goodall is a fucking idiot #237275

    Maybe the bleak, lonely, pointless emptiness of our hopeless futile predicament is beginning to get to him.

    in reply to: Rimmer's Uniform Colour #237272

    VII is actually my all-time favourite of all of Rimmer’s looks not going to lie, I thought the red boots better complimented the ensemble than VI’s solid black ones. I also thought Chris Barrie’s more shorter hair better suited the quilted jacket.

    in reply to: Rimmer's Uniform Colour #237264

    He also wore some quite peculiar boots, with a sort of blue sleeve.

    Actually, Rimmer wore those boots during Series III, IV, V, and VII; it’s just during III & IV they were green and during V & VII they were red.

    in reply to: Idea for an episode. #237242


    A new total immersion porno game has been discovered by the crew following the arrival of the post pod. As advertised, the game promises the user will “cum 17 times per second guaranteed or your money back.”

    in reply to: Rimmer's Uniform Colour #237171

    Considering the current version of the uniform debuted in BTE almost a decade ago, is this the longest we’ve had Rimmer in one consistent uniform?

    They’re a little different.

    2018 09 10 00 21 35

    But yes, the one from X-XII is the longest uniform Rimmer has consecutively worn (Not counting changes into other clothing for episode specific events such as Trojan, Officer Rimmer, or Skipper)

    in reply to: Rimmer's Uniform Colour #237151

    Well this isn’t a perfect world, Dave

    in reply to: Rimmer's Uniform Colour #237149

    I quite like Rimmer’s uniform from X-XII, its just he’s had it longer than any other outfit he’s worn (Not counting the beige uniform being redesigned for VIII) and its becoming duller as a result.

    I still vouch for a new colour being introduced like yellow or orange, purple would be interesting too.

    Recommendations I suggest for a possible redesign:
    1. Keep the badge he’s had since Series III, it wouldn’t be Captain Emerald/Bollocks without it
    2. Return to the boots, the boots should match the overall colour scheme but be lighter in colour (See Back to Earth’s Rimmer uniform)
    3. The ‘H’ should be a reflective dark blue to represent hard-light and keep people from complaining

    in reply to: Rimmer's Uniform Colour #237135

    I’d like them to introduce a new palette to a possible XIII redesign of Rimmer’s uniform, a lot of people have suggested yellow or orange and I’d like to see that. But yeah, the beige being a regular thing would be a step backward.

    in reply to: Ranking Kryten's Cosmetic Appearences #237123

    Probably to better contrast Kryten with the black-cladded MILFs in Siliconia, which being possibly one of the first episodes to be written prior to XI & XII sounds plausible to me.

    Doug’s just been announced for this year’s Dimension Jump, so I’m guessing then.

    Hopefully, otherwise Doug can expect me to hop on the Timewave sucks-bandwagon out of spite.

    in reply to: Ranking Kryten's Cosmetic Appearences #237120

    Kryten looked his absolute best during IV-V.

    Of course you mean the factually correct answer of V-VI Kryten. (sarcasm)

    Not a great costume

    I actually think he looks really good in that photo, like, really good.

    For some reason I have a lot to say on Kryten’s individual appearances so I’d like to add my two cents on the pros and cons of the XI & XII ensemble.

    #1) Nose is less ‘beaky’
    #2) No eye bags
    #3) Overall face is nearly excellent, apart from one thing (See Cons #1)
    #4) Outfit for the body is very well-detailed and easy on the eyes (He has a socket for the groinal attachment even though he doesn’t use it, attention to detail)

    #1) Signature lines on Kryten’s face aren’t as noticeable as they should be, he’s supposed to have an angular face (“All the curves you got are gonna become right angles.” – Fallout 2)
    p1187570 e v7 ab
    – Best Kryten mask this side of Swindon –
    {Note – But not TOO angular, or it becomes Series VII Kryten, which while not bad, can be pretty distracting on casual viewing}
    #2) This one WILL sound petty and I’ll look like a dick, but XI & XII Kryten is quite… well.. . big in the stomach area. Maybe they can somehow make it a bit thinner without Bobby having to do anything he doesn’t want to, but yeah if he could be a little more… slim.

    in reply to: Cassandra #237017

    What a fantastic thread, almost like Series VIII is hated for a reason and McGruder getting retconned in Last Human was deliberate.

    in reply to: What's the Story Behind This? #236819

    That’s unfortunate, maybe he denied it cause he was putting all his attention on the movie at the time. It’s a shame Red Dwarf doesn’t have much in the realm of video games though, besides the two mobile games, which while they are a bit mediocre I’m glad they exist.

    I remember hearing Rob on the Comedy Connection documentary going-on about how they were in-talks to develop a Red Dwarf video game prior to the Grant Naylor split. Wonder what could’ve happened there.

    God, really, when are they going to announce Red Dwarf XIII? Please just fucking announce it so we can have it next Fall. I really don’t want to have to wait until 2020.

    This x infinity.

    Sifting the topic away from Star Wars, which I think is in everybody’s best interest, why are we hearing almost nothing yet about a new series from UKTV or Dave? I’m expecting an announcement or some kind of update at Dimension Jump this October from Doug regarding XIII, cause we haven’t had new Red Dwarf filmed since early 2016.

    I’m certain Doug is working hard to get new stuff commissioned, but let’s speed it along a bit m8. Let’s get XIII, a crossover with a certain popular show on Dave, and maybe a tv special done before 2021 comes around.

    Missed Clem’s comment, whoops

    Pretty sure Cat’s had six nipples since Kryten from Series II

    in reply to: Should Series XIII focus more on drama or comedy? #236786

    Another question I’m pondering, though I don’t want to create two XIII-related posts to the forums so close together; what do you think is almost ‘guaranteed’ to change in XIII in-comparison to XI/XII?

    My two cents? Kryten’s overall appearance, obviously Kryten always gets redesigned to some extent every new production, but I mean I can bet his face will definitely be more angler and blocky to compensate for all the flak Kryten’s look in XI/XII got to the point with mainstream media covering it.

    Digging through some news articles and discovered even Dave Lister himself called Dave Dwarf a “reboot”, heh

    I think we want to film more episodes, the reboot went so well

    As long as you can get past the hook cock I’m sure a relationship between the homo and felis sapiens could work

    Yes, so enshrined in the canon it was only first revealed 38 years after the first movie beyond speculative theories never confirmed in the original three movies prior.

    Even then, if it was foreshadowed, hinted, or even explicitly stated in the original trilogy at any point it doesn’t make the scene of Leia in space any better beyond nodding to continuity.

    If I remember correctly, cause I haven’t seen the prequel movies since last decade, but wasn’t Luke and Leia’s mother void of force powers? Is it not as equally plausible for her and Anakin to birth one child with the force and another who lacks it?

    You know what I mean.

    If its never demonstrated or even hinted at on-screen can you blame him for not seeing evidence of Leia having force powers in the prior films.

    in reply to: Should Series XIII focus more on drama or comedy? #236697

    Course Chloe’s guest appearance wasn’t leaked, Norman wasn’t involved in it

    Cheers to Flap Jack for the dedication tho

    I wouldn’t mind her having force powers, but the concept of using the force to float in space is pretty stupid.

    in reply to: "I wouldn't even know how to make the nose!" #236694


    if you’d like something a little more Jawscvmcdia flavored

    should be an offence punishable by firing squad

    in reply to: "I wouldn't even know how to make the nose!" #236692

    I always took it as a sorta explanation as to why Holly’s (Norman Lovett’s) nose looked crooked

    Hopefully neither

    in reply to: Should Series XIII focus more on drama or comedy? #236645

    Imagine how horrifying Can of Worms would’ve been had that dead Polymorph been moving around for the entire episode

    I could never watch a Red Dwarf reboot, there’s only one Lister, Rimmer, Cat, and Kryten (post-Series II) for me

    in reply to: Your Red Dwarf juvenilia #236485

    I’d also write down every GELF and Simulant they came across, this was before I knew there was a wiki or even a Wikipedia page.

    in reply to: What if Rob and Doug got married? #236474

    Maybe the bleak lonely pointless emptiness of our hopeless futile predicament is beginning to get to him.

    in reply to: Your Red Dwarf juvenilia #236471

    I used to write down every episode of Red Dwarf into a notebook over-and-over.

    Last day of 5th grade, I did the Rimmer-salute (Series VIII edition) to every friend of mine as a so-long, none of them knew what Red Dwarf was needless to say.

    Don’t have any written-reviews, but I can assure you I thought they were all amazing. Though past me was disappointed Series X wasn’t on Netflix, I was able to watch it (I don’t remember how tho).

    in reply to: Howard Goodall is a fucking idiot #236468

    The Hitler-mustache/eye-patch combo aren’t doing him many favours

    in reply to: Best And Worst Episode Endings #236467

    Interesting question, I’ll bite. Though I think this question would be asking which ending is the most memorable rather than ‘best’, unless that’s the criteria.

    Best: Balance of Power, Better Than Life, Timeslides, White Hole, Gunmen of the Apocalypse, Out of Time (Personal Favourite), The Beginning

    Worst: Dimension Jump (I don’t hate any tbh)

    Best Honourable mention: The End (I’d have put it, but I’d only be doing so cause its classic and not out for my personal enjoyment), Rimmerworld (Hate the rest of the episode, but this always made me laugh)

    Expect Entangled to receive several mentions down below, fingers-crossed we don’t get into another Irene E debate

    in reply to: What if Rob and Doug got married? #236445

    Since they’re a gestalt entity would that be considered incest or self-cest?

    in reply to: Your Red Dwarf juvenilia #236438

    and with the new film due to begin filming in 2001 it seems fans like me will have plenty to sink our teeth into in the future.

    Yeah, about that…

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