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    Looks promising, I hope it turns out to be even better than just good. If it’s awful, though, it’s going to be one hell of a disappointment. The majority of comments I saw on youtube are guessing it’s going to get cancelled after 3 episodes, but to me it looks like it could be another Lost… Then again, maybe it’ll be seen as a knock off and panned by the critics for that very reason. Oh well, here’s to hoping!

    in reply to: Doctor Dwarf #112329

    Though the Doctor isn’t really that sort of Doctor, and Red Dwarf isn’t really a dwarf.

    in reply to: Smallville: the most infuriating show ever? #112271

    Darkseid’s in it?! I will have to check this show out in more detail now!

    in reply to: Doctor Dwarf #112308

    Could I convince anyone that the TARDIS becoming human is anything like Kryten becoming human, or am I just a fool?

    in reply to: Dr Who Series 6 #112306

    Oh and my favourite line was “I’m sexy”, and the fact that I found Human TARDIS attractive didn’t even have much to do with it.

    in reply to: Dr Who Series 6 #112305

    Hate to be predictable, but I loved that episode. *So* *fucking* *much*. Although Gaiman probably should have had the corridor bits from Rory’s point of view with Amy being the one who died or something. When I saw Rory’s “corpse”, I just sort of rolled my eyes and thought “oh no, not again.”

    But no, that was seriously fucking awesome.

    in reply to: Dr Who Series 6 #112286

    You’re right, I take it back, I actually didn’t start that sentence to end it the way I did, I just forgot what I was going to say after the “…” But no, RTD is a good screen writer, I particularly enjoyed his Casanova.

    in reply to: Dr Who Series 6 #112284

    I disagree entirely, I don’t see it as smug at all, and it certainly has nothing to do with cocaine…

    It’s pretty futile to use the “RTD was/remains to be far more full of himself than Moffat ever could be” seeing as that’s completely besides the point… but I’m going to throw it out there anyway.

    It’s just funny, really. Bit of humour in there never hurt anyone. Red Dwarf uses it quite a lot ;)

    Tbh, I don’t mean any offence, but you do seem to be getting angry the same way the Daily Mail gets angry about things; you seem to have an agenda to not like something. Then again that could just be my imagination, seeing as I really love Steven Moffat’s writing style and find his scripts have so far always been of a high quality.

    Now it’s time for me to try and get back to sleep. Night all!

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    I see nothing wrong with MS’s performance in this clip.

    in reply to: Dr Who Series 6 #112278

    P.S Jonsmad, your comment is still making me smile.

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    I enjoyed it. Nice, simple episode.

    But PM what do you actually have against Steven Moffat? Jekyll = brilliant. Press Gang = brilliant. His ep of Sherlock = brilliant. His Dr Who ep’s = brilliant. I really don’t get what your problem is.

    in reply to: G&T 55 Banner Project #112237

    Off you fuck.

    in reply to: Psychoville #112229

    I’m just going to go ahead and assume she’s dead then. There’s always flashbacks or resurrections of characters you thought were dead etc. Dawn French really is fantabulous in that role, I must say.

    My computer really just confused me; fantabulous is coming up here as a non-existent word, but Word is reporting it as a real one. I thought it wasn’t a word, to be honest.

    Answers to the usual address etc…

    in reply to: Psychoville #112225


    That really freaked me out at the end there. But thanks! :)

    in reply to: Psychoville #112219

    I loved that to be honest. Is Joy really dead? I can kind of see why they’d kill her off, I think they’d done all they could do that was laugh/drama-worthy with the character… but I still really want it to turn out that she didn’t die. Can’t wait for next week’s!

    in reply to: G&T 55 Banner Project #112218

    Erm sorry about the “fuck off”… I’m just very passionate about things I like. Or something like that. Not obsessive. Just passionate…

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    Oh fuck off, Day of the Moon was awesome! You have 11 episodes before you can legitimately say that things didn’t make sense. It was an opener, not a closer!

    in reply to: Jemma Pixie Hixon #112187


    Wrong link!

    There we go!

    in reply to: New banner #112163

    > The science of banners, there.

    If there hasn’t already been a book written on the subject, there’s a desperate gap in the book market that needs filling. I nominate you, JC.

    in reply to: New banner #112160

    It just came up! I’m worried that I’ll never see it again if I post this comment… Nevertheless, I think it’s important that I do so.

    in reply to: New banner #112159

    Thank you! Didn’t see it before, it looks awesome! Still hasn’t come up on mine yet though. If it does, don’t worry; I’ll keep you in the loop. :)

    in reply to: New banner #112149

    I’m sorry, I haven’t a clue. :(

    in reply to: New banner #112145

    I am literally erratic with excitement. :D

    in reply to: Portal 2 #112144

    I don’t get people who spend £10 on a DVD even without comparing it to the price of a game. 4 quid on Ysplz!

    in reply to: New banner #112138

    Forgive me for being a complete and total tit, but which one is it?

    in reply to: Dr Who Series 6 #112098

    Bloody hell, am I anxious to see more!

    in reply to: Dr Who Series 6 #112040

    I think they should have Matt Smith on Gladiators in return. S’only fair.

    in reply to: Dr Who Series 6 #112071

    Ditto. And by ditto I mean I unfollowed him just now when your post reminded me.

    Ah, not long now until we can all judge the story of this two-parter properly! Oh and I got round to watching it again without my parents. It was awesome, in my opinion. The cliff hanger I was a bit disappointed with at first, thinking “the Doctor isn’t about to die or anything” but then instantly felt ashamed for that thought. The cliff hanger was brilliant because it was a new sort of cliff hanger for Dr Who (I THINK anyway, I just tried to think of similar ones but it is late and I’m only up because I’ve had a big bottle of coke and I intend to sleep through the bloody wedding tomorrow). Oh yeah, and obviously Rory and River are in deep smeg.

    in reply to: Dr Who Series 6 #112068

    People should get beat up for stating their beliefs.

    in reply to: Dr Who Series 6 #112057

    The whole “being a cunt” thing is probably a clever ploy to get you, Si, to follow him. Be afraid.

    in reply to: H2G2 original radio series cast tour #112048

    > It would be nice, too, to see what the audience will be like. I mean, h2g2 has been an imaginative, witty and intelligent product in all versions of it, even if some of them didn’t quite work, or had boring/just not funny enough moments. I really think that there’s something in it that makes it worth seeing even if just to make you think about how ridiculous pretty much everything about us human beings is.

    I forgot to say what I set out to, which is that I think the audience would be made up of intelligent, witty people who have good imaginations.

    <3 Just like the people on this website <3

    Okay, I’ll stop posting so rapidly now.

    in reply to: H2G2 original radio series cast tour #112047

    > Yes it was. Bob Sessions is who I hear in my head when I read Batman. I used to able to recite the Knightfall “Let me tell you a few facts about Gotham City…” speech verbatim.

    Same! Christian Bale ain’t got shit on Bob.

    BTW apologies for the complete pointlessness of my previous post. It was late and I hit post comment too soon somehow, while leaning down to stroke my dog (not a euphemism). I have completely forgotten how I was originally going to finish it.

    As for my actual opinion on the h2g2 Live thing… I probably won’t go and see it unless my friends who are Douglas Adams fanatics (of which there are many now I think about it…) invite me. Although Simon Jones being Arthur Dent again would be worth any amount of rehashing, in my opinion. He is The Definitive. No offence to Martin Freeman, who is a very fine actor himself who did a great job in the film. But Simon Jones is the Arthur Dent as I’ve always envisaged him.

    It would be nice, too, to see what the audience will be like. I mean, h2g2 has been an imaginative, witty and intelligent product in all versions of it, even if some of them didn’t quite work, or had boring/just not funny enough moments. I really think that there’s something in it that makes it worth seeing even if just to make you think about how ridiculous pretty much everything about us human beings is.

    Then again, excluding the ending, I really loved the Mostly Harmless. Might have something to do with the severe stress and depression I was going through at the time, but I found the sense of missed chances and being lost appealing. Oh, but Arthur’s daughter really annoyed me. The writing itself is the best out of all of them, in my opinion; it’s just that there isn’t that sense of wonderfully enthusiastic creativity that the rest of the books (well, except for SLATFATF) had. The long sequence describing the making of a sandwich was a funny idea and executed well. Erm, my point is that everyone else in the world seems to actually hate the book entirely, so it might just be that my judgement is off due to the state of my mind while I was reading it.

    As for Dirk Maggs, I’m not asking in an insulting way, but has he ever made a show that wasn’t an adaptation? If he hasn’t then maybe he just doesn’t have many creative ideas but just loves the radio medium so much that he uses that passion to bring other people’s ideas to life. Like when a Hollywood director is brought on after a film is cast, the script written, etc. I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing, if done right. I guess if I’m not talking a load of rubbish then it’s just up to the individual to decide for his or herself what “done right” means.

    Sorry for the rambling, I always find it hard to be coherent while translating the rubbish in my head to words.

    in reply to: H2G2 original radio series cast tour #112036

    I’d say that the first two books aren’t as good as the first two radio series. I’m just being honest.

    in reply to: Redhead85 and FluffyWok have spawned #112034

    What names have you got on the list? I recommend the friendliest name in existence, Dave. Or, y’know, something like that. (e.g David)

    in reply to: Dr Who Series 6 #112033

    My thoughts have never been better expressed through someone else’s fingers.

    in reply to: Dr Who Series 6 #112027

    God he is such a complete turd (Kevin O’Sullivan). He admits he doesn’t like Dr Who. Why review it in a paper then?!? It’s pure trolling.

    in reply to: H2G2 original radio series cast tour #112024

    >I’m not really a Dirk Maggs fan either

    His Superman and Batman work is awesome though :(
    Integral to my eventual love for comic books…

    in reply to: Sex, Drugs and Rock n’ Chips #112017

    I don’t find Heroes & Villains all that funny when they’re running past Parralel Universe-Lister, which is what is always shown on clip shows in my experience, but when they arrive at the funeral always cracks me up, so it’s on my list (which I shall probably never make into a physical list JUST yet, as I haven’t seen all of OFAH yet.).

    in reply to: Dr Who Series 6 #112011

    No one thought it was shit. The idiots just don’t realise they loved it because they were too busy trying to think of reasons why they should hate it. People are like that.

    in reply to: Redhead85 and FluffyWok have spawned #111978

    Oh my God-Congratulations!

    in reply to: Dr Who Series 6 #111976

    This whole article is just brimming with wrongability! It’s actually made me angry, but then again, since when has reading anything the mirror has to say left me thinking “yeah, you know, I agree with that.”

    – “Have we done Jim the fish?” enquired River Song – the ­mysterious Time Lady played by Alex ­Kingston. Gee, River… I dunno. What the hell are you flowing on about?

    Gah! You’re not supposed to know! Kevin O’Sullivan, you’re a stupid, stupid blob of a journalist.

    in reply to: Dr Who Series 6 #111963

    I took the Doctor’s enthusiasm to be a sort of juxtaposition of the Future Doctor’s tiredness. His face when he went down to see the spaceman… He looked really, really sad to me. So I appreciated the over-enthusiastic and youthful Doctor turning up afterwards… and I think Matt Smith did a great job this episode. So many layers to his Doctor.

    Meh, just my opinion. Thought I’d throw it out there.

    I haven’t rewatched the episode without my parents yet, but it’s growing on my anyway. It certainly have an emotional effect on me, and I’m definitely going to watch the concluding part.

    Oh yeah and I didn’t find Alex Kingston hammy at all, I thought she just had good chemistry with the rest of the cast. They all seem very comfortable in their roles, which I never take to be a bad thing.

    in reply to: Dr Who Series 6 #111956

    That should read “who I was watching it with”. Didn’t spot the error in time.

    in reply to: Dr Who Series 6 #111955

    I have to agree. Although my enjoyment was hampered by who I was watching it … My parents who insisted on, every time there was a plot twist, looking at each other while rolling their eyes in a “I could do better than that” way. Really irritated me throughout, so will have to have a second viewing on my own tonight, though I think it was a very interesting episode regardless, I just need to actually have a chance to ENJOY it. Am I rambling? Well I like rambling. :)

    in reply to: Dr Who Series 6 #111953


    Sssh, sssh John Sullivan’s dead.

    in reply to: How do I… #111940

    Here’s a nice little story: I just hit f5 to see if the page would refresh… unfortunately I was absent mindedly pressing the function button and the laptop went into sleep mode

    I’m sure there’s a moral in that story somewhere and I’m just too stupid to realise what it is.

    I enjoyed it too. Very much so!

    You’ll be great, don’t worry! But remember; whatever befalls you, try and greet it with a smile on your lips and a song in your heart :)

    My God, that’s brilliant.

    Hello Mabel. Any chance that’s a reference to the Bonzo Dog band song as well as your name?

    in reply to: Dr Who Series 6 #111597

    Vague prophecies about the Doctor?

    in reply to: Dr Who Series 6 #111570

    Stephen Moffat is the main reason I watch Dr Who. I’ve loved everything he’s had a hand in, from Press Gang to Jekyll to Sherlock. The rest of this year’s Dr Who COULD be bad, but I think Moffat’s episodes will be awesome enough to make up for any sucking that may happen. Though the dolls in Mark Gatiss’ episode look very promising to me.

    Then again, I’ve just had a sausage roll from Gregg’s so I might just be in a chipper mood from that…

    in reply to: Dr Who Series 6 #111580

    I bet they all die.

    in reply to: Great 21st Century TV Themes #111404

    I agree 100% with Foster’s Home. It’s an amazing tune.

    Bought (at last) ! Gonna get stuck into them now! :D

    I live and purchase in London. *Confused face*

    Yeah, just tried again. Says can’t be delivered to my address or something. But I’m trying to download them? I’m a bit/very confused.

    Except for some reason I can’t? :S

    Ta, I shall purchase them now!

    in reply to: New Dwarf DVDs #111301

    My first DVD was Evolution, the Ivan Reitman film.

    My first BD is from a Time Yet To Come.

    in reply to: New Year resolutions #111295

    From the bottom of my heart: Thankyou! :)

    in reply to: New Year resolutions #111274

    Find a rhyme in a Croydon accent for “Orange”.

    in reply to: Happy Christmas!! #111223

    I wish you all a Happy Christmas! I’ve been pacing around since 6 waiting for everyone to get up and it’s finally happening! :D I hope you all have a marrrrrvelous day! :)

    in reply to: Dirk me, but Gently…. #111107

    I loved the books. The radio series wasn’t bad either tbh.

    Very, very incredibly minor spoiler here.

    Reading the second now, and I just want to say: “So basically ‘Don’t shoot, we’re strangers’? Run that back through your head and tell me whether or not you think that makes sense.”

    That is THE line of the century. I realise we’re pretty early in this century, but I’m pretty confident.

    Just finished the first one, and I bloody love it, I do.

    Nevermind, just bought them!

    Apologies if this is a stupid question, but I don’t need anything more than a laptop to read an ebook, do I?

    in reply to: Awight Dudes #111045

    >There are 3 good episodes in Who series 5 – The Eleventh Hour, The Time of Angels and Amy’s Choice. A few are half good, e.g. Vincent and the Doctor, The Pandorica Opens, but all in all…it really doesn’t inspire me to pay out for the Blu-ray

    Hang your head in shame, or at least execute your taste in favour of one that is correct (i.e one that agrees with mine).

    The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang were fucking awesome. If The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood hadn’t been so boring, it would’ve been my favourite series of NuWho so far. TPO I spent the whole time trying to figure out what was inside the Pandorica, and to have it be a trap for the Doctor was very clever imo. Then after the huge cliff hanger there is an episode that actually isn’t just overblown and disappointing (once again, imo). It was simple (sort of) and small (sort of).

    In other news, I’ve just watched the Mike Leigh film High Hopes for the first time and I absolutely love it. Does anyone else here like his films? His style is completely opposite to Dwarf/Who in that it all seems very real and naturalistic. Any crossover fans here? Just wondering.

    in reply to: Awight Dudes #111025

    I’ve been researching the definitive history of pockets.

    in reply to: Ackerman goes from Red Dwarf to Blue-Bearded Dwarf #110880

    As much as I disliked the Ackerman character and thought it out of place in Red Dwarf, I have to say McTavish did well with the material he had.

    But this isn’t an opportunity to slag off series 8 :)

    in reply to: Upcoming Rob Grant radio interview #110870

    No mention of The Strangerers??

    in reply to: Weezer hate!! #110823

    Everyday it’s a-getting closer, goin’ faster than a roller coaster, love like yours will surely come my way, ahey aheyhey

    Yeah, you’ve got a point there :)

    in reply to: Weezer hate!! #110820

    How about instead of paying bands to split up, you get paid not to listen to them? That seems less cynical and miserable.

    in reply to: Weezer hate!! #110819

    I like Buddy Holly quite a bit…

    in reply to: This is going to be the best film of 2010 #110699

    Saw it for the fourth time last night, and it was just as amazing as the second and third time! The first time gets an extra point though, seeing as I wasn’t waiting for Matthew Patel to show up. Not that the beginning of the film is in any way boring or unfunny, I just love Matthew Patel.

    in reply to: Sometimes you gotta wonder… #110696

    He hasn’t used hair removal cream before? Wow, he’s missed out.

    in reply to: Doug directing bbc3 pilot #110656

    So what is it?

    in reply to: Zap! Pow! Kersplat! Die in bed, you Trojan pigdog! #110392

    Except for the ones I read.

    in reply to: IT Crowd Series 4 #110294

    Edit: Shit misread your comment.

    in reply to: Some women are such total Gannons! #110297

    Is anyone going to fuck me?

    in reply to: IT Crowd Series 4 #110286

    Naw, it was good imo. :)

    in reply to: IT Crowd Series 4 #110278

    I reeeeally enjoyed that episode. That is all.

    in reply to: Some women are such total Gannons! #110258

    Ooops, I should’ve pointed out I’m talking about the fanboy website. Not this one. Thankyou for your time.

    in reply to: Some women are such total Gannons! #110257

    Your comment has to be approved before it’s posted? Or is that just if you’re posting as anonymous? I couldn’t be bothered to sign in…
    If it gets monitored anyway, I feel my freedom of speech is being pissed on and IT’S NOT EVEN ON FIRE.
    It’s just like calling scientology a cult, honestly…

    in reply to: Some women are such total Gannons! #110225

    Robert Pattinson has a foot for a face.

    in reply to: IT Crowd Series 4 #110176

    Wow the pace of that episode was SO fast!

    in reply to: IT Crowd Series 4 #110150

    I know I may be contradicting what I said before, but I didn’t hate this episode at all. If it had been the first or last episode I would’ve probably hated it, but in the middle of a series it passed by me quite fine. I found plenty of bits to laugh at, especially Roy’s storyline (his face when the guy kisses him on the bum in particular).

    in reply to: IT Crowd Series 4 #110139

    Hmmmm. I enjoyed it, though I do have to agree.

    What Seb said. :)

    I, for one, am glad there wasn’t a Doctor-lite episode. Or was there one that I didn’t notice?

    in reply to: IT Crowd Series 4 #110100

    Yes. Yes it did. I assume so, anyway; why else would it?

    in reply to: IT Crowd Series 4 #110094

    My favourite line was the response to Moss asking what are the rules of street countdown; “The same as normal countdown but on the street.@

    in reply to: IT Crowd Series 4 #110076

    That joke at the end about windows… made everyone here groan, but in a fantastic way.

    I enjoyed tonight’s episode alot, and not just for Douglas’ outfit.

    in reply to: IT Crowd Series 4 #110073

    I just read a few comments on this series by the people over at cookd and bombd.

    What a bunch of miserable fucking tossers nearly, if not all of them are.

    in reply to: Dave buys CARPOOL! WOOOOOOOOOOO! #110069

    Huzzah!!!! :D

    I think that sums up my feelings rather well.

    I just watched it because I was on my way to a They Might Be Giants concert when it was aired, and I must say it’s my favourite finale out of the 5 series and the specials. Then again, I thought the last Christmas special was a bit naff, and according to my friends-who-are-Who-fans it was really good.

    Matt Smith had me as a fan right from the Eleventh Hour, he’s been just wonderful. Also the lack of a whole Rose-type romance thing let me enjoy this series a helluvalot more than the previous series.

    in reply to: IT Crowd Series 4 #110025

    Just watched it on the telly tonight and absolutely loved it. Pretty much agree with everyone who says it’s not the best but is still bloody marvelous.

    Loved it. Can’t wait for next weeks!

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